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The Elder Scrolls: Call to Arms Will Let You Re-Enact The Epic Adventure of Skyrim (In 32 mm)

Let’s be honest. Nobody was really satisfied with Skyrim’s Civil War storyline. Which is not to say that people aren’t still passionate about it. We’re edging up to a solid decade of Skyrim and you’ll still see a rustle go through the room if you mention your support for the Stormcloaks or Imperials. And people have added all sorts of mods to the game that change the story, add to it, improve it, do the things Todd couldn’t. But you don’t need to code to change the Civil War for the better, you don’t need a computer. All you’ll need is the upcoming tabletop war-game from Modiphius: The Elder Scrolls: Call To Arms

Based on the Fallout: Wasteland Warfare game, but rewritten by veteran war-game designer Mark Latham (The Walking Dead: All Out War, White Dwarf magazine) to fit the world of Tamriel, Call To Arms will be a multi-wave release that draws on the whole history of The Elder Scrolls. The first wave, however, will focus on the Civil War story from Skyrim, allowing a player to raise their banners as either the nationalistic Stormcloaks, led by Ulfric Stormcloak, or the cosmopolitan Empire, led by General Tullius. Each leader will be supported by their faction’s iconic heroes: Galmar Stone-Fist, Ralof, and Yrsarald Thrice-Pierced for the Stormcloaks, and Hadvar, Marcurio, and Legate Rikki for the Empire. In addition to the two-player setup of the Civil War, there will also be a rules set for single player games as you take control of the Dragonborn, and companions like Lydia or Mjoll the Lioness as they take on the dangers of Tamriel. Players will fight their way through Dwemer ruins, the frozen north, and those tombs full of Draugr that we’ve all basically memorized at this point. You’ll go questing, explore the lost corners of the world, and follow a narrative that helps your heroes grow from game to game.

The initial wave of the game will have a two-player starter set as well as reinforcements for each faction (forces will be about 1-6 heroes and 3-15 troops), as well as a single player set. Composed of high quality 32mm resin figures, these sets will just be the start as Modiphius works to roll out more races, classes, and factions from The Elder Scrolls universe. They also plan to expand into other accessories like metal coins, dice bags, maps, and more. Leading up to the release of the game, however, Modiphius will be releasing a series of promotional figures to help gamers prepare for the game, starting with the iconic Dragonborn.

You are now singing the Skyrim theme in your head

The Dragonborn figure is available now on Modiphius’s store, where it retails for $19.99, set to ship in August. It is only available in limited quantities online as well as at Modiphius’s booth at UK Gaming Expo and Gencon. The Elder Scrolls: Call To Arms is set for full release in the Winter of 2019. There’s plenty of special releases yet to come, so stay tuned, and keep an eye on The Fandomentals for all the latest from Modiphius, The Elder Scrolls, and all things tabletop.


All images courtesy of Modiphius Entertainment
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