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The Americans Season 5 Gets Its First Trailer

Much to my disappointment, our list of the Fandomentals top shows of 2016 did not include The Americans. This was not a case of questioning the quality of the show; there simply were not enough of us that have seen it. Well you know what, we’re going to try and change that! This is the best show on television (at least in my opinion) and it deserves more attention.

Why should you watch The Americans? It’s a fascinating, strongly written show about marriage and identity disguised as a spy thriller about  KGB agents living in Washington during the 1980s. The women are amazing. The action always delivers. It has child actors that not only avoid the usual pitfalls of child actors, but rank among the best reasons to watch the show. The Emmy-nominated acting is as good as any on TV right now.

You have a month to catch up before season 5 starts. Go ahead, hurry up. You’ll be glad you did.

For those of us already suffering through the wait for season 5 to start, this trailer goes in the direction we suspected after the end of season 4. Paige’s increasing inclusion in her parents’ profession features heavily. She trains with her mother (THAT LOOK ON ELIZABETH’S FACE), continues her relationship with Matthew across the street, and is the focus of much of the dialogue spoken. I’m quite torn about this. As fascinating as it is to see Paige delver further into the spy game, it’s not exactly what I want for her. Not after 4 seasons showing the effect of a lifetimes of spying on her parents.

What parts of the trailer don’t focus on Paige feature the usual Americans thrills; disguises, murders, FBI investigations, and the like. Most of the cast shows up at some point, including beloved character actor Margo Martindale, thankfully able to find time during her fugitivity to reprise her role. And yep, I still hate Stan Beeman. What a slimeball.

Seriously, everyone, watch this show. You’ll be glad you did. And when you’re done, come back when the new season starts to read our reviews here at The Fandomentals.

The Americans returns on Tuesday, March 7 on FX. It stars Matthew Rhys, Keri Russell, Holly Taylor, Noah Emmerich, and the awesome Frank Langella.

Images and Video Courtesy of FX


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