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Terminator: Dark Fate Trailer Drops, Welcome Back!

Okay, so, full disclosure here: I am a casual Terminator fan at best. I have seen exactly two of the movies (T2 and Genisys), read one book and…that’s it. I know vaguely what happens in the other films, and in the show and the ride, but due to a mixture of my age and my upbringing, I just haven’t had a chance to see most of the things.

Still, I do like what I have seen in the past. And I’m very much here for the return of Linda Hamilton. I’m curious about what led the studio to bring her back and let her be awesome, but I’m happy they did so. Perhaps the Star Wars Sequel trilogy? I think this was already in production when Halloween (2018) came out, so it can’t be that, similar as they are.

And most interestingly of all, I don’t have a complaint for this trailer! I have a single minor nitpick, but where the previous three trailers I reviewed had their issues, this one seems all around good! It got me hyped and intrigued, and didn’t spoil the whole thing like the Genisys trailer did. My only gripe is that they went with the ‘bummer cover’ trend for the trailer, rather than playing the Terminator theme. C’mon guys, there are some great fist pump moments to this trailer, you could have made it work!

I suppose it fits though, as this movie is meant to be set the day after Judgement Day, so…pretty dark. The gist of it is that Grace (Mackenzie Davis) is trying to protect Dani (Natalia Reyes), from the new Terminator, Rev-9. She will receive the aid of Sarah Connor (Linda Hamilton) and the T-800 (Arnold Schwarzenegger) in doing so. Grace claims to be human in the trailer, though the trailer makes it ambiguous as to if she is or if she’s just delusional.

The rest of the plot, particularly questions such as why Dani is so important, why the T-800 is chilling in a cabin the woods, and why Grace is so pretty, is left still up in the air, which is good. Leave me with a reason to see the movie, don’t do what Genisys did. So, overall, a good trailer for what will hopefully be a good movie.

Images courtesy of Paramount Pictures and 20th Century Fox

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