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Teaser Trailer for Pacific Rim: Uprising

Ready for more big blockbuster monster-busting action? Pacific Rim: Uprising, the sequel to the 2013 Guillermo del Toro gangbuster, looks to give you what you want. Plot details are sparse at the moment. But let’s be frank, is anyone going to see this with any real investment in the plot. You’re showing up for Pacific Rim to see giant robots beat the crap out of monsters.

Watch the teaser below, which gives you a sneak peek of the Jaegers humanity will use to do the crap-beating this time around.

It’s not just me, right? That is the voice of GLaDOS, isn’t it? Don’t tell me if I’m wrong. I prefer to believe that’s her. The Jaegers look fantastic, and we get our first look at John Boyega in his suit. Not having del Toro around kind of disappoints, but I can forgive him considering the trailer for his new movie. Besides, new director Steven S. DeKnight has a solid action track record of his own as creator and showrunner of Spartacus.

Sit back and enjoy the visual feast, everyone.

Pacific Rim: Uprising is scheduled for release on February 23, 2018. Besides Boyega, the film features  Scott Eastwood, Cailee Spaeny, and Jing Tian, with Rinko Kikuchi, Charlie Day, and Burn Gorman returning from the original film.

Video and Images Courtesy of Universal Pictures

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