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Tatiana Maslany To Go Green As Marvel’s She-Hulk

A long rumored casting at Marvel has finally been announced as Orphan Black star Tatiana Maslany has been revealed as the actress slated to play Jennifer Walters a.k.a She-Hulk in an upcoming Disney+ television show to be helmed by Rick and Morty writer Jessica Gao.and with direction by Marry Me and Life Happens director Jessica Coiro.

Maslany is no stranger to multiple roles, and has been lauded for her portrayal of the many clones that starred on Orphan Black

She-Hulk, who celebrated her 40th birthday this past February, has long been a big question mark within the MCU. Though a popular character, many things connected to The Hulk have been tied up disputes with Universal, who own the rights to the character (hence his lack of solo movies since 2008). In stark contrast with her famously rage-filled cousin, Jennifer Walters (usually) retains her intellect and personality when transformed into the She-Hulk, though she has been known to become a big, rage-filled monster on occasion. A lawyer by trade, she often spends long stretches of the comic in her She-Hulk form as she feels it gives her a confidence boost and intimidation factor in the court room. She was also Marvel’s original fourth-wall breaker, addressing the reader and manipulating panels way before Deadpool made it his schtick.

The casting of She-Hulk has been a hot topic since the show was announced, with actresses like Angie Harmon, Stephanie Beatriz, and Alison Brie being rumored for and, in the case of the first two, actively showing interest in the role of the Savage One. While Maslany’s casting gives us an idea of what Jen Walters might look like (who is 5’1 in the comics), what She-Hulk will look like is a different story. Standing six feet, seven inches tall and weighing in at 650 lbs. of solid muscle, you’d be hard pressed to find any woman who can measure up to Shulkie, and as such many expect that she will be rendered in CGI, like her cousin, using mocap of Maslany (that or Tatiana is gonna really need to hit the gym). She-Hulk will be Maslany’s first big television role since Orphan Black ended in 2017, as since then she has mostly focused on theater and independent work.

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