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Tamara Duarte: Rosita Just Wants to be Loved

One of the interesting tidbits to come out of the Wynonna Earp panel at ClexaCon this year was that Waverly identifies as bisexual. After her Buffy throwback line “I think I’m gay, call you later” in episode 2×11, there was some speculation about her sexuality. But according to actress Dominique Provost-Chalkley, Waverly would not be keen to put herself in a box, but if she had to choose a label she would pick bisexual.

However, Provost-Chalkley was not the only one to bestow this identity on her character during the panel. When asked if she knew about Rosita’s (as of yet unconfirmed) queerness when she took the role, Tamara Duarte said, “Yeah, I did. I knew she was bisexual, I knew that she went both ways.” This, of course, sparked a string of jokes about how ‘both ways’ referred to human and revenant as opposed to male and female. In any case, it provided a little clarification. Rosita may have briefly kissed Waverly back during that infamous hot tub scene, but she never discussed how she felt about it other than to say she was with Doc.

When questioned about that scene while on the red carpet the following day, Duarte seemed to downplay any romantic implications, chalking the kiss up to Waverly’s curiosity and discovery of her own queerness. “It’s interesting, because I feel like Waverly’s exploring her sexuality,” said Duarte. “And I think as you explore your sexuality, you’re like, ‘Do I like every girl? Do I not like every girl?’” Duarte did not dispute the chemistry between the two characters on a platonic level, however. Asked what drew the two of them together, whether it was their shared brilliance or something else, she responded, “As a friend, definitely, they have a great connection. I think they just – they get each other. I’m not really sure how to explain why.”

“You don’t have to threaten me. All you have to do is ask.” -Rosita to Wynonna (2×10, “I See a Darkness”)

Duarte was a little less stumped on Rosita’s inner feelings on other matters, though, and eager to discuss the fallout of Wynonna threatening her in 2×10 and Wynonna’s subsequent promise to shoot Rosita last. When asked if her character struggled with feeling demonized, Duarte agreed that Rosita was sometimes treated poorly by the group and added, “I think she just wants to be loved, and they are really intimidating. Like, that’s a family. Their bond is unbreakable. So coming in as an outsider, it kind of takes her back to her life, her history of always feeling like an outsider, never being able to fit in anywhere. And where she does fit in, she doesn’t want to be.”

This suggests Rosita was conflicted about threatening Wynonna’s baby and turning to her revenant brethren to protect her, not only because she had to betray Wynonna and Waverly but because she would rather be on their side if circumstances allowed.

Duarte was not the only one with sympathy for her character. During the panel, Provost-Chalkley agreed that the other characters were kind of mean to Rosita near the end, while Kat Barrell praised showrunner Emily Andras and her writing staff for creating empathy for characters who could be construed as villains. Andras herself responded to the question of whether Rosita could come back from her betrayal of Wynonna by saying, “Of course! […] I definitely think her story is not done. Wynonna’s gonna hunt her down. But don’t you feel like Rosita also did what she could to survive?”

Something tells me Wynonna will not feel the same way. Now that the Earp heir is safe, we are bound to see a showdown between Wynonna and Rosita in season 3. And as Doc said, Wynonna never leaves the house without that gun.

Cover image courtesy of SyFy/Space


  • Lisa is a gay(ish) writer and stand-up comedian from Canada's west coast. A longtime fanfic author who recently made the jump to journalism, she is prone to gush ad nauseum about her OTPs. Stubbornly Watsonian and literal, she can't stand characterization and continuity errors.


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