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happy the imaginary friend crime drama on syfy


Syfy’s Happy! Wants Your Attention, Damn It!

Syfy is bringing the noise, a lot of noise…just….so much noise. That noise comes in the form a tiny, blue, bucktoothed pegasus voiced by none other than Patton Oswalt. Oh, and lots and lots and lots of gunfire. Welcome to Happy!.

When a corrupt, alcoholic, sex-crazed hitman Nick Sax, so soulless that he got kicked out of the NYPD, gets shot during a drunken hit (which is probably the best outcome for this guy), he is visited by a magical blue horse with wings. The horse, named Happy, insists that Nick is the only one who can save Happy’s best friend, the little girl who imagined him. Still recovering from a gunshot wound, and with the mob and the police after him, Nick and Happy the Horse team up and fight crime. Well, one crime. The crime is child murder. But hey, there’s some jokes too!

The series comes from the mind of Grant Morrison (All-Star Superman, The Invisibles, a really weird run on Doom Patrol), an already scary thought, and is based on his comic of the same name that he produced for Image Comics with artist Darick Robertson (Transmetropolitan). Morrison is producing the show for Syfy, as reported by Deadline, along with Brian Taylor, who brought Crank into the cinematic world. For which I am forever grateful. Taylor’s…unique approach to filmmaking and humor is evident in this trailer and much like his other films, Happy! doesn’t seem like a show that’s gonna let you breathe. Taylor directed the pilot and co-wrote the teleplay with Morrison.

Christopher Meloni (Man of Steel, Wet Hot American Summer) will star as Nick Sax and serve as another producer. The titular horse was originally voiced by Bobby Moynihan, but will instead be voiced by the aforementioned Oswalt (You’ve seen him, he’s in everything. Down Periscope. Did you know he was in that? He was “Stingray Radioman.” Wild.) The trailer for the first season dropped earlier this week:

Happy! premieres December 6 at 10 PM on Syfy.

Image and video courtesy of Syfy


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