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Super Board Game Team-Up Brings Marvel To Kickstarter For The First Time

There’s a long history of Marvel on the tabletop (we’ve reviewed some), and Uatu knows how well those games have sold. But despite (or perhaps because of) that success, a Marvel game has never been crowdfunded before on the home of seemingly every board game under the sun (and a few moons): Kickstarter. That changed, however, thanks to a partnership between entertainment company Spin Master (who have adapted almost every property ever) and master board game publisher CMON (Zombicide, God Of War: The Card Game), who together launched a Kickstarter campaign yesterday for a brand new co-op board game…which reached its full $150,000 goal in just 31 minutes.

The campaign gives backers the chance to get their hands on the ultimate edition of the game for fans and collectors, including Kickstarter exclusives that won’t be found at retail, for a starting pledge of $60 (which also includes exclusive characters Nick Fury, Hawkeye and Corvus Glaive). Backers who pledge $60 or more to the campaign will receive the Marvel United core box and all applicable stretch goal rewards unlocked throughout the campaign.

Marvel United is, according to a press release from CMON, the “ultimate collector’s item for Marvel superfans”, and features completely original, never-before-seen “chibi-style” artwork and miniatures heroes and villains. The game was a top-secret project that has been in development for almost two years. It is an entirely new board game with original gameplay, built from the ground up by award-winning and cult-favorite game designers Eric Lang (Blood Rage, Cthulhu: Death May Die, Rising Sun) and Andrea Chiarvesio (Kingsburg).

This isn’t  Spin Master’s first licensed Marvel game, with past titles including 5 Minute Marvel, Sinister Six and Wakanda Forever.

“We are excited to unveil the first-ever Marvel game on Kickstarter, delivering a truly unique and original game to fans,” says Elizabeth LoVecchio, VP of Spin Master Games. “Spin Master takes pride in great partnerships and working with CMON exemplifies this value. Launching Marvel United on Kickstarter gives us the opportunity to bring the ultimate version of this game to superfans with exclusive expansions and characters that can be mix and matched in the game.”

The Kickstarter-exclusive Infinity Gauntlet expansion is availiable to all backers as a $30 add-on

The Marvel United campaign marks CMON’s 42nd Kickstarter. They have successfully funded 41 campaigns to date, raising over $60 Million total, making them Kickstarter’s #1 funded company. “Our goal is to make each campaign as fresh and exciting as our games,” says Geoff Skinner, CMON’s VP of Entertainment. “Marvel United is a passion project for everyone at CMON, and we worked as hard as we could to make sure there are lots of sensational surprises in store over the next three weeks.”

The 22-day campaign will be live through Wednesday, March 4th. The core box is scheduled to be delivered to backers at the same time the game hits retail in the Fall 2020, with any applicable stretch goals and Kickstarter exclusive rewards to be delivered soon after.

Images via CMON games


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