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New TTRPG Publisher Strange Owl Games To Publish New Versions Of ‘Space: 1889’ And ‘Dragon Kings’

Strange Owl Games, LLC, publisher of role-playing and other entertainment properties commences operations effective this date, simultaneously announcing its inaugural product launch in November 2022: Space 1889.

CEO Timothy Brown (Dark Sun, Dragon Kings), says “Strange Owl Games is an exciting venture committed to the RPG sector and all the best 21st Century publishing practices.”

“Strange Owl Games’ first product launch, the reimagining of popular classic Space 1889, is already well underway,” adds Lead Developer John-Matthew DeFoggi. “We promoted its release and Patreon-driven open beta at GenCon earlier this month, and the response was fantastic!”

Lead Designer Darrell Hayhurst says further, “It was my dream to one day revitalize Space 1889, and Ulisses Spiele and Strange Owl Games have given me that opportunity. I’m so pleased with the results.” Strange Owl Games will publish Space 1889 under license from its owner, Ulisses Spiele.

“Darrell’s vision is spectacular,” adds original creator Frank Chadwick. “The game I made at Game Designers’ Workshop is in good hands with Strange Owl Games.”

Strange Owl Games Editor-in-Chief Trisha DeFoggi continues, “Space 1889 is just the beginning. We’ll follow up with Dragon Kings and other original and licensed RPGs. Each one will be dual-statted with an original game system plus all the OGL stats, so players can incorporate every element into their existing campaigns.”

Ulisses Spiele CEO Markus Plötz says, “Strange Owl Games is the ultimate continuation of our plans to deliver the best RPG products to role-playing audiences worldwide. Keep an eye on them!”

Strange Owl Games Community Manager Kirk Kading adds, “Keep up with all Strange Owl Games news by joining our mailing list, or our Patreon for access to our Discord, early, Kickstarter access, playtest rules, and more.”

Further developments and publishing partnerships to be announced soon.

Images via Ulisses Spiele and Strange Owl Games

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