Friday, March 31, 2023

Steamforged Games Announces New Magic School Roleplaying Game ‘Adventures & Academia: First Class’ To Release In January

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Tabletop game creator and publisher Steamforged Games are launching their new school themed roleplaying brand Adventures & Academia: First Class. You can expect to witness a Catfolk Rogue learning new potions, a Lionfolk Barbarian becoming prefect and an Owlfolk Wizard perfecting their spell casting.

After a successful Kickstarter campaign, the Grand Academy is opening its doors once again to welcome new students… Pre-order will go live on the 27th October 2022 for a January 31st release date.

These roleplaying miniatures are at beginners, or established Game Masters who are looking for a new world to impress with. It will be Steamforged’s second brand targeted at the family gaming market after Animal Adventures.

House Might And Divine work together to defeat a giant spider in Adventures & Academia: First Class
House Might And Divine work together to defeat a giant spider

There are 4 houses at the Grand Academy: House Might, House Arcane, House Divine and House Cunning. To find out about each individual house and character, head to the blog section on the Steamforged Games website HERE.

To experience the new world in full, there will be an adventure designed and written by multi award-winning writer Richard August and co-written by Alex Delaney; this will be available to download for free from the Steamforged website, ready for launch. 

House Arcane and House Cunning face down a rather ornery dragon in Adventures & Academia: First Class
House Arcane and House Cunning face down a rather ornery dragon

Mat Hart, Co-Founder & Creative Director, mentions: 

“We’re so proud to be introducing this amazing new world to the roleplaying market. Combining our trademark beautiful miniatures with this brilliant new packaging–and who isn’t going to want to crack open one of these magical tomes?”

Adventures & Academia: First Class Arcane & Might Set

(Priced at: £29.99 / €29.95 / $29.95)

Adventures & Academia: First Class Cunning & Divine Set

(Priced at: £29.99 / €29.95 / $29.95)    

These boxes are perfect for players and Game Masters wanting to discover a whole new world of fantasy roleplaying, as they throw open the doors of the Grand Academy. Each set contains:

* 6 Miniatures in total – 3 from each house

* Character portfolios on each individual character, available to download online via the Steamforged website available soon
* 5e compatibility

* One shot adventure available on the Steamforged Games website available soon

For more details, visit the Adventures & Academia: First Class product page on

For the latest updates, sign up to the Steamforged newsletter. For trade enquiries, contact [email protected]

Images via Steamforged Games

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