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CGE Announces New Interstellar Euro ‘Starship Captains’ Set For Essen Release

Czech Game Editions(Codenames, Galaxy Trucker), announced a new game set for release later this year: Starship Captains. Designed by Peter B. Hoffgaard, it’s a “euro-style” action selection and engine building game for 2-4 players.

From the publisher:

The stars are calling, and adventure awaits!

Settle into the captain’s chair of your very first star cruiser and get ready to embark on an exciting voyage through the depths of space in this euro-style action selection and engine building game for 2-4 players.

The vibrant galaxy holds many peculiar mysteries to explore and uncover! Skillfully manage your team of cadets, ensigns, androids, and officers to make the most of their unique abilities—all while balancing essential ship roles, completing unique missions, and upgrading your ship with powerful engine-building alien technology.

Do you have what it takes to deftly command your crew and become the best captain in the cosmos? We’ll see. Now go—boldly!

Starship Captains box


  • 4 dual layer player boards
  • Main star map board
  • Faction tracks
  • Missions deck
  • Technology deck
  • Miniatures
  • Reference cards
  • Scorepad
  • Tokens

The game will have players manage a crew of ensigns, cadets, androids, and other officers. You know, like that one show…The Orville. You’ll train up your crew and upgrade your ship as it traverses deeper into space and going where no crew has gone before. And you’ll have to beware, because there be space pirates about!

Starship Captains art

Star Captains will get its big debut at this year’s Essen Spiele. Aimed at ages 12 and up, it will retail for $49.95 when it hit stores in Q4 of 2022.

Images via Czech Game Editions

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