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New Expansion To ‘Star Wars: Outer Rim’ Introduces Iconic Characters, Opens The Core Worlds

Today, Asmodee and Fantasy Flight Games announced the Unfinished Business expansion to Star Wars: Outer Rim will launch June 10th at participating retailers worldwide. The new expansion is the first for Fantasy Flight’s hit adventure game about the dark, criminal side of the Star Wars universe. It adds a ton of new content to the game including new characters, jobs, and worlds for players to use in their search for more money.

Star Wars Outer Rim Unfinished Business Expansion box

Unfinished Business takes Star Wars: Outer Rim to an intergalactic scale by more than doubling the number of cards in the game, introducing beloved Star Wars characters to the player roster, new ships, jobs, gear, bounties, dice, and encounters plus adding the Core Worlds for exploration and travel. NPC’s from the base game like Chewbacca, Dengar, and Hera Syndulla are now fully playable while Cad Bane, Maz Kanata, Hondo Ohnaka, Black Krrsantan, and Enfys Nest all join the roster of scoundrels.

Star Wars: Outer Rim Unfinished Business expansion cards
Characters from all across the Star Wars media empire can join your crew

New Core World board end caps allow players to quickly travel from one end to the other. But beware – the Core Worlds are controlled by the Empire and can make travel difficult for players in trouble with the Imperials. Player will also have the option of taking on “Favors” and “Ambitions” to enhance and alter the way the game is played. Favors give each player a debt token, which can be traded at any point for a favor, such as borrowing another player’s skill. Collecting another player’s debt token allows you to use it later in the game for a guaranteed favor request. Ambitions, on the other hand, change the winning conditions by requiring a series of completed goals in addition to an amount of fame, creating another layer of strategy while also building into a climactic story arc for your character.

Players can pre-order Unfinished Business now on the Asmodee store.

Images via Asmodee and Fantasy Flight

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