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Following Split From Deep Water Games, Source Point Press Launches New Games Division With Full Slate Of Titles

As announced earlier this month, Deep Water Games and Jacob Way have stepped away from Ox Eye Media and began their own, separate journey into the board game industry. The rest of the team is taking all of their experience (from design to development to production of hit games like MonsDRAWsity, Fantastic Factories, Claim, and more) and putting that passion into a new adventure of their own.

Travis McIntire, CEO of Ox Eye Media, noted, “It is sad to see something we built leave the organization, but it has been our goal since day one to create brands that last the test of time. Now as our team tops 20 employees, it is exciting to see a division be able to support itself like Deep Water has demonstrated.”.

Source Point Games is coming into 2023 in full-swing; the team has been hard at work on several titles, some of them in the works for years! Rat Queens: To the Slaughter received over $300,000 in funding from nearly 3,000 backers in 2021, and with production almost completed, it’ll be releasing in Q2 of 2023 to a mass of eagerly awaiting fans. The game is an adaptation of the award winning comic series Rat Queens and begins a pattern you’ll see repeated through the rest of Source Point Games’ upcoming releases: storytelling is a priority for the new publisher.

Source Point Game's Rat Queens To The Slaughter

Board gamers eager to add a Source Point Press game to their shelves won’t have to wait that long into the year to make their dreams come true, though. Floor Plan: The Winchester Mystery House is releasing in Q1 of 2023, and to celebrate the launch of Source Point Games (and Halloween, yes,) copies can officially be preordered today!

Source Point Games' Floor Plan

Fans of the original Floor Plan might remember the rewarding roll-and-write dedicated to designing blueprints to fill your clients’ requests. This stand-alone successor takes that mission to a new level (literally and figuratively) as players aid Sarah Winchester in designing The Winchester Mystery House, a sprawling and haunted home that stands in San Jose, California. While the real house is nearly 25,000 square feet in size, players will be concentrating on building two floors simultaneously, using the dry erase sheets within the game to complete Sarah and the spirits’ intricate requests. The game is releasing at $29.99 and marks the first release of Source Point Games!  

The team isn’t stopping there, though. Source Point Games’ future release schedule also includes RekkorKai: Tournament of Champions, a dueling game where you’ll get to play as characters from Source Point Press’s upcoming comic, RekkorKai. Sen-Foong Lim and Alara Cameron, who also worked on the Rat Queens board game, are bringing a title full of chaos, upgrades, and victory to the kitchen table in a snappy 20 to 30 minute game, continuing the trend of letting you live through your favorite stories in gaming form. After that, the Source Point Games will explore Cleaver County as their next comic-to-gaming adaptation, going from glory to gore in the blink of an eye.

Art from Source Point's Cleaver County

Images via Source Point Press

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