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Snowbright Studio Partners With Citizen Science Org Journey North On New Kickstarter

Snowbright Studio is excited and proud to announce a partnership with Journey North, a citizen science program at the University of Wisconsin-Madison Arboretum that focuses on migratory species and the collection of data about them. Birds of a Feather: Western North America, Snowbright’s upcoming card game, features several birds that Journey North tracks through its volunteer and citizen science efforts. Snowbright Studio will include information about these migratory birds in the game’s rulebook, as well as links to Journey North’s website where readers can find how they can help track the migration of North American species that might be local to them. The website includes information and resources for parents and educators, including lesson plans and activities for a variety of ages. 

Since 1994, Journey North strives to inspire people from across North America to help track wildlife migration and seasonal change to foster scientific understanding, environmental awareness, and the land ethic. Journey North envisions a future where individuals of all ages create a community of action, by contributing observational data and acting as ambassadors for the conservation and protection of migratory species. 

Based in Cleveland, Ohio, Snowbright Studio is an LGBTQ+ game studio dedicated to creating unique and heartwarming experiences for people of all ages and backgrounds. Other upcoming releases by the young company include Teatime Adventures and the edutainment game series Time Tails.

In addition to providing information and resources about how everyday citizens can help track migration patterns of different species for researchers, Snowbright Studio will be donating a percentage of profits for every unit they sell of Birds of a Feather in North America to Journey North. “We believe strongly that games can help nurture a curiosity and life-long love of nature and environmental stewardship,” says T. Caires, COO of Snowbright Studio. “Programs like Journey North’s can be the spark that leads to the next generation of environmental scientists, zoologists, botanists, and more. If we can help people find that spark with a card game, then we all win.” 

With over 30 beautifully illustrated birds, Birds of a Feather: Western North America is a quick and easy-to-learn game for 1-7 players, ages 8+, that plays in about 20 minutes. The game includes a more strategic 2-3 player variant, as well as a more family-friendly variant for playing with younger players. As a special add-on option for the Kickstarter, 64oz Games has produced Braille kits for little to no vision gamers.

All of the materials in the game, including the box, will be from 100% recycled paper or FSC certified wood. Snowbright is also using absolutely no plastic or polymers in the production of the game’s finishes or packaging. The final finished and manufactured game will be 100% recyclable when it reaches its end of life – after many many years of play. In addition, the chosen manufacturer uses green energy (mix of solar, wind and water) to power their facilities and all waste generated by the manufacturing process is recycled and/or composted.

To reduce paper usage, Snowbright is making the scoring app freely available on iOS, Android, and the web.

Images via Snowbright Studio

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