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‘Snap Ships Tactics’ Adapts Popular Miniatures Line Into Strategic Battle Game

The award-winning toy line Snap Ships has entered the board gaming space with Snap Ships Tactics, a strategic miniatures battle game. Snap Ships Tactics features the brand’s signature modular, fully customizable ship models that assemble using a unique connection system. Snap Ships Tactics launched on Kickstarter on June 28, 2022, and has raised over $160,000 to date. 

Designed in partnership with Lynnvander Studios, Snap Ships Tactics is a mid-weight game with versus, solo, and co-op play. Players assemble custom ships from a library of hundreds of detailed plastic parts that affect how the ship functions in the game. Parts from a variety of kits can be mixed and matched to create truly unique units. The game’s mechanics combine quick-playing tactical combat with an immense amount of depth and customization. Players battle each other with single- or multi-ship squadrons, or can team up against devious ships controlled by the game’s AI. 

“Snap Ships has been waiting for an innovative game system to utilize them to their fullest potential. We have realized that vision with Snap Ships Tactics, and are thrilled to be on Kickstarter to introduce Snap Ships® to a whole new community of tabletop gamers,” said co-founder Scott Pease.

“I have been a fanatic Snap Ships builder since they released in 2020, and creating a tabletop game for them has been a real pleasure,” said lead designer Josh Derksen. “The modularity of the models makes for such an exciting game design. Snap Ships Tactics is light enough for parents to play with their kids, but deep and customizable enough to entice veteran wargamers.” 

Snap Ships are the brainchild of co-inventors Scott Pease and Jeff Swenty. In conjunction with the awesome minds at PlayMonster, Snap Ships were launched in the USA in 2020. The Snap Ships line has grown to 22 individual SKUs, with 48 core builds, hundreds of unique components, and thousands of mind blowing user creations. Scott (Studio Head) and Jeff (Mocap Director) have a background in game design and production, having led and worked on AAA video games for Neversoft/Activision (Tony Hawk’s Pro Skater, Guitar Hero, and Call of Duty, among others). Scott and Jeff are lifelong toy and game fanatics, and seek to create new IPs and new worlds that leverage the creativity in each of us! 

Snap Ships Tactics is on Kickstarter through June 28, 2022. For the latest news and information or to back the Kickstarter campaign, fans can go to 

Images via Snap Ships and Lynnvander Studios

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