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See Trailer Drops, Proposes A New Apocalypse

So…Apple TV is making an original series apparently. One starring Jason Momoa no less. That’s…interesting. I had no idea they were doing well enough to pull that off. Also, sort of felt like an ‘also ran’ service frankly. Though I suppose that that could be the point, to try and drive up interest and get people to subscribe to Apple TV+.

But enough speculating about the wisdom of such a move, or the motivations behind it. Let’s talk about the series itself! What is it? Well, it’s a post-apocalyptic series where humanity has been driven back into a pre-modern, tribal style of living, wearing lots of furs and moving around the ruins of the old civilization. And a way to heal and help humanity recover from the apocalypse has been discovered, but a crazy cult has arisen that views the apocalypse as a justified punishment and seeks to destroy that beacon of hope! And the main character is a grizzled, bearded tribal chieftain covered in scars!

…yeah, I know, it’s an old, tired plot that we’ve all seen a million times. But there are some interesting deviations to See. And not just that the protagonists shown in the trailer appear to mostly be people of color, though that in and of itself is (unfortunately) something worth celebrating. But no, what’s interesting here is that the cause of the apocalypse is that humanity lost the ability to see. And no, I don’t mean like in Bird Box where they have to blindfold themselves. I mean, legit, they can no longer see. Everyone went blind, all at once. For hundreds of years, humanity has been without sight. But then, Jason Momoa’s wife gives birth to twins. And, he soon discovers (how isn’t clear, but it’s just a trailer) that said twins can see. And so he is forced to protect them because the crazy lady leading the aforementioned cult considers sight to be an evil superpower that destroyed humanity. If there’s more to the plot than that has yet to be revealed, but again, it’s just a trailer.

So, is this premise enough to justify an Apple TV+ subscription? Uhm…we’ll have to wait and see. I like the concept, and I am a big fan of Jason Momoa, but…being limited to a single, less successful and popular subscription service is likely going to hurt the series.

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