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Second Star


Sci-Fi Adventure Second Star is on Kickstarter Now

At the Fandomentals, we’re no stranger to Kickstarters for fun and interesting games, and this time we’ve got a single-player, sci-fi adventure game that explores far reaches of the universe 200 years in the future, Second Star.

Disclaimer: In the interests of full disclosure, one of our own writers is on the Second Star development team.

Dyscordian Entertainment, on July 21st, launched its Kickstarter for its in-development video game, Second Star. Dyscordian Entertainment is an indie video game studio boasting a diverse, talented team from across the globe and the Kickstarter is available for the next two weeks until August 25.

You play as Dr. Lee, the Science Officer of the Persistence on a mission to find the Second Star and her crew, a spaceship that’s been missing for 10 years. Following in their footsteps, you explore strange and beautiful alien planets uncovering the mysteries of the Second Star.  All the while navigating the complex personal relationships with your fellow crewmates.

Irkalla Second Star planet

Second Star is the passion project born in the minds of Dyscordian team. The demo, now available for free, allows the player to explore the Persistence, the ship that’s the main base for Dr. Lee, as well as Ikralla, one of the planets which will be explorable in the full game.

To survive the pressures of a deep space mission, the player must form strong relationships with a cast of diverse and multi-faceted crewmates. Each has a story to tell and choosing to pursue a deeper relationship, whether professional, friendly, or more, will open up more dialogue options and content!

The Crew of the Persistence

In the demo, you can:

  • Customize Dr. Lee’s first name, background and motivations. You can also choose from one of four voice options.
  • Explore the immersive enviroments in a single player, first person expereince.
  • Navigate through puzzles and challenges as you search for clues on the missing Second Star.
  • Interact with the fully voiced, diverse cast of NPCs, developing relationships with them through the dialogue system.

In the full game, you’ll also get to craft upgrades for your ship and suit, find resources that you find on planets, and even cultivate your own rare alien specimens.

Check out the prelude below and then head over to the Kickstarter to play the demo!

As of writing this, they’ve raised $13,495 of their $35,000 goal. There are several reward tiers available for those interested. For additional information follow them on Twitter, Instagram, and Facebook,

Images courtesy of Dyscordian Entertainment

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