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Scorpion: 1.22 “Postcards from the Edge” Season Finale Review

When we last left the Scorpion team, Walter was hanging off a cliff in his car, the rest of the team was uncertain about their future, and Paige was planning on moving to Maine with Drew and Ralph.

Understandably, it takes a bit to convince Happy that the team is fixable considering they lost a third of their “personnel” in one night and Paige “bailed on” them. Happy is rightfully displeased. She even calls Paige and tells her that she wormed her way into Walter’s head and that’s why he’s MIA—except Paige doesn’t want to listen.

Walter’s never not picked up the phone so to assume that he’s ignoring Ralph’s calls instead of there actually being something wrong just doesn’t jive with how Paige usually acts, but it makes for drama and that’s what makes TV.

The team tracks Walter by using the car’s onboard GPS system and find him impaled on his car by a piece of metal from the guardrail. Never has the statement “the struggle is real” been truer.

Fortunately Sylvester is able to get Cabe to explain who Walter and the team are so that everyone can work together to save Walter by sucking out the oil in the car using a fire truck’s hose and some needle contraption Happy conjures up.

This allows for a heartwarming reconciliation between Walter and Cabe where Walter explains that he understands that Cabe would never hurt him on purpose and that the reason why Cabe’s daughter’s grave always had green grass was because Walter had been watering it weekly.

Then Walter starts bleeding to death because in moving his seat back to make up for weight when the car started shifting actually pulled out the metal in his spleen.


Struggles that, in turn, allow Toby to shine as he walks Walter through cauterizing (!) his wound.

This is just as a finale should be: emotional content and the characters showing us how cool they are.

Like Sylvester holding it together so that he can calculate Walter’s likelihood of survival, and Happy pushing through her worry to figure out different ways to keep Walter alive.

Elsewhere, Ralph doesn’t want to go to Maine because he’s worried about Walter, but Paige doesn’t care. Which, if her moving is all for the sake of her child, shouldn’t she at least listen to his concerns? But, she must have subconsciously not wanted to go either because she left her bag! Which causes her and Ralph to hear on the radio that Walter’s been hanging off a cliff.

And, Ralph is crying because Walter’s his friend. Paige probably feels terrible now for leaving a mean voicemail on Walter’s phone—although she realizes Walter’s her. Though she realizes he’s her friend too and says so to the cop who won’t let her through to see the rest of the team.

Unfortunately, like any episode (or season finale), problems come in three.

The final issue is that a crow (of all things) decides to land on the car, and if it moves, Walter will fall to his death. Watching Walter plead with a crow to not move is both funny and really distressing.

As Ralph and Paige run to Toby and Sylvester, Happy rigs Cabe up to a crane to pull Walter out himself just as the crow moves! This results in a pretty epic green screen scene where Cabe is hanging and holding Walter by one arm.

Even knowing that Walter was going to live (especially considering the show already got renewed) didn’t prepare me for the intensity of the episode. Obviously the finale was crafted in a way to leave the most emotional impact both on the characters and the audience while also highlighting just how skilled the team is.

Finally, at the hospital, the whole team including Paige and Ralph are waiting for Walter to wake up. The billionaire tech mogul from “Going South” who gave Walter the car comes by and tells them that breaking up a family by taking Walter to work for his think tank, would be criminal and offers everyone a job. They unsurprisingly turn the offer down, and Paige says Maine isn’t happening. YES!

At Walter’s bedside, Sylvester tells Walter he loves him too when Walter tries to take Sylvester for a walk down memory lane (as he had with Toby and Happy earlier in the episode) and Ralph thanks Paige for not making him leave the team. (I cried a little bit.)

Plus Happy asks Toby to help her watch Ralph; although, Paige had asked only Happy at first. Looks like there might be a future for Happy and Toby yet.

And, in a final move that shocks no one, Paige tells an asleep Walter that she really cares about him, is really glad that their last memory won’t be of them fighting, and kisses him on the cheek!

Last week had the makings for a great finale—at least the kind of finale that viewers have become used to—with all the character drama, action and adventure, a heavy dose of “oh no, this can’t happen!” and a (metaphorical and literal) cliffhanger. However, I appreciate that the writers decided to end the season on a positive note.

Walter and Paige will need to discuss their fight and work through the things they said to each other—especially Paige’s remarks about not wanting Ralph to turn out like Walter. Even if Ralph does emulate Walter, he’s his own person and has a lot of time to grow into the best version of himself which will probably include characteristics of all the team members.

The only person missing was Megan, but she is mentioned multiple times by Sylvester, who leaves at the end to catch her up on what happened with Walter, emphasizing again the importance of family to everyone in the show and how important family is for the show’s DNA.

Overall, a superb finale.

Grade: A+

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