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Scorpion: 1.20 “Crossroads” Review

That super awkward moment when Toby slept through his date with Happy after taking an Alprazolam to help him get over his nervousness. Unsurprisingly Happy doesn’t accept his apologies. What a way to start an episode.

Walter mentions that work and romance go together like oil and water, but Toby just points out that Walter “emotional dumpster fire” O’Brien didn’t even erase the heart and stick figures from last week’s episode.

But, romance has to wait. This week the team has to transport Maya Hernandez (Ginger Gonzaga), a witness testifying against the DL Cartel and its leader Hector.

Unsurprisingly, the cartel finds them within minutes, so Toby has to switch their SUV with a rundown van which also breaks down within minutes, but not before Paige can have a heart to heart with Happy. She asserts that while Toby made a mistake and she knows that Happy went from foster home to foster home and understandably feels like everyone lets her down, a relationship could be great with some work.

This scene is a great moment because it highlights that Paige really understands the underlying reasons why the other team members have trust issues, even with one another. That and Paige is totally a romantic since it’s probably the direct opposite of what Walter would have wanted her to say to Happy. They’ve come so far!

At the convenience store where the team stopped to fix the van, and the cartel finds them (again,) a shootout starts between Cabe and Hector. The team has to scramble to get the broken van running and get a pregnant Maya, who is also a genius like the team with a specialty in mathematics, into it and to safety. This is the first time the show has introduced a second lady genius character and she’s a load of fun even while running away from some really murderous people and I’m sad she’s only around for this episode. Sylvester’s impressed face at Maya’s math abilities are one for the books and it’s awesome to see another lady, especially one that isn’t white in the mix.

Plus Scorpion’s special effects and action scenes are always great, but the shootout that ensues in the convenience store is so well filmed that I got distracted from watching Paige, Happy, and Maya work together to create a diversion so that they could get outside to the van, which has been jury-rigged to work.

Maya leads the team to Hector’s main tech guy, Lambert who owns fast cars and owes Hector a lot of money. With Maya’s memory of Hector’s deals and help, Walter pretends to be an associate of Hector so that they can get a fancy RV from Lambert.

It’s probably one of the funnier scenes of the episode because Walter surprisingly does Intimidating Associate Of Bad Guys convincingly.

However, Lambert calls Hector, and the team barely makes it away. Again!

So many struggles.

Worse, this is illustrating how Maya will never be safe. The team decides to disappear Maya. Walter and Sylvester put all her information into a digital copy that the Feds can use but won’t need her to testify with. Yay! While that’s occurring, we get another awesome scene where Toby opens up and apologizes to Happy, explaining that that he grew up feeling like he never deserved anything good, and when good things do happen, he ends up self-sabotaging.

On any other show, that kind of conversation wouldn’t have happened at least until the second episode so it’s great to see such open discussion between two characters who for the better part of the season haven’t really opened up to anyone (except maybe to Walter.) Props to the writers for portraying a pretty healthy navigation of a couple/soon to be couple’s first mistakes and issues.

Happy understands that but also says that the incident saves them from a year of trouble ending without a friendship. So many feels!

Before Toby can convince her otherwise, Lambert gains access of the RV remotely and increases the RV’s speed to 100 miles per hour. Fortunately, Happy and Walter are total bosses and get under the RV to manually return control to Paige at the wheel.

Although I know this was filmed with a green screen, watching them careen towards a cliff is still anxiety-inducing. Anxiety that’s not good for me or Maya or her kid. Obviously they survive and Cabe calls the local sheriff’s department and has a roadblock created to catch Hector and his guys. Huzzah!

Maya asks why the team is going to such lengths to help her, and the response is that—besides having promised to protect her—she’s one of them. She’ll just get to be one of them in Canada.

All’s well that ends well!


Toby does have a lot of groveling to do, but his comments about risk in life and that Paige is a risk that Walter needs to take finally gets Walter to go to Paige.

Who as completely expected is having dinner with Ralph and Drew.


The problem with having watched over a hundred of these kinds of television shows is that I can predict everything—including lines. While I really enjoyed this episode— especially because of the action and Maya being super cool (and another lady genius)—I’m dreading the final two episodes which will change all the things.

Still, I’m impressed in how all the relationships (romantic and otherwise) are progressing—and healthily at that! Especially Happy and Toby navigating their relationship in a manner much better than the usual “never talking to you again” or hatred sort of stereotypical ways.

However, I have one complaint about this episode, and that is Paige telling Maya she’s not normal because she’s so quick to math—just like Sylvester.

Come on writers, why you gotta do me like that?

Okay, yes, technically, a person is statistically unlikely to be able to do thirty step math problems in five seconds. But! The way Paige said it, even though it’s not meant to be an insult, totally was!

And, it’s really ableist!!!

It was unnecessary and totally dampened what would have been a pretty perfect episode. Especially when we got a hilarious scene where Sylvester points out that contrary to how everyone probably feels inside, Cabe isn’t actually their dad.

And we still haven’t seen Ralph but I’m sure he’ll be back for the final two episodes.

Grade: A but F for Paige’s comment.

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