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Scorpion: 1.19 “Young Hearts Spark Fire” Review

I miss Ralph. It’s been like two months and three episodes since we last saw him on screen. As much as I enjoy team shenanigans, I also appreciate seeing Ralph interact with said team, so I hope he’s coming back soon.

Unfortunately, it doesn’t look like we’re seeing him this week. The team has to get themselves and a group of lost hikers back to civilization from the Los Angeles National Forest. Nothing is ever easy for this team, so of course, their helicopter crashes injuring their pilot. Plus, they can’t contact Cabe because he stayed on the ground to coordinate the search.

Still, anything is better than more missile episodes.

So, Sylvester stays back with the pilot while the others get the hikers and start making their way towards a clearing.

At least, Toby and Happy can look forward to dinner if they all get back safe. Toby can also look forward to grilling Walter on his feelings for Paige after he made a mathematical CHART to show that Walter totally likes her. What a dork. Although Toby’s accusations of Walter giving Paige preferred treatment by letting her get off the helicopter first—while true—is pretty much the pot calling the kettle black since Toby unbuckled himself to protect Happy during the descent. It’s the whole “I care about you and want to protect you.” thing that is meant to come from a good place and is appreciated but can also be a paternalistic thing and have bad consequences.

Here, the helicopter wouldn’t have crashed to the ground had Walter gotten off the helicopter before Paige.

I bet when Drew asks Paige to go back to Portland with him, Walter will finally profess some kind of romantic feelings towards Paige.

Which, I don’t necessarily have a problem with Paige and Walter starting a romantic relationship, but I really hope the writers have planned for the future because a failed relationship between Walter and Paige would really affect the team. Not only that, but I’m not clear if Walter is supposed to be awkward around women because he’s an awkward guy or is he supposed to be awkward because he’s a genius, and therefore, he can’t talk to people? I guess time will tell.

In the woods, a terrible situation gets worse. Everyone has ten minutes to get to safety before a forest fire—no thanks to the helicopter’s fuel leaking and a spark from the SAT phone—kills them all.

Worst. Hiking. Trip. Ever.

It also turns out the kids had gotten lost because the oldest one wanted to find the perfect spot to propose to his girlfriend. Well, that’s one to tell their kids if they survive.

Happy rigs up a rope, and they all get to the clearing just before the fire closes in on them.

Elsewhere, Sylvester is trying to pull the pilot on the helicopter’s door, but the fire is too close and the pilot’s military style yelling isn’t helping. No wonder Sylvester ran away from home considering his dad was military and only ever yelled at him. Though Sylvester is able to shield himself and the pilot in a metal tube using the door, the fire is gaining on them and the pilot tells Sylvester to leave him. Oh no.

In the clearing, the others try to catch Cabe’s attention in the helicopter circling above. Walter is awesome and makes a green signal flare with the engagement ring from the hiker and some boron rock.


It works, and as the helicopter makes its landing as Paige and Walter hold hands (of course) and Toby even tries to tell Happy that he’s in love with her but gets cut off by the fire extinguisher.

I’m actually really surprised their relationship is developing so quickly. It’s obvious Toby has liked and cared for Happy since episode one, but most shows would put up too many roadblocks before the “I love you.”

Hopefully, the flashback episode will reveal more about their (and everyone’s) backstories.

And, Sylvester? Well, he’s the real MVP because he carried the pilot to safety! And, the pilot even tells Sylvester he’d be proud as hell to call Sylvester his kid. If only Sylvester’s parents can see at their child now.

Last but not least, Happy and Toby to their dinner, and the hikers get engaged with Paige’s costume jewelry.

This episode is one of my favorites primarily because it wasn’t a dang missile/war-related episode. However, it also had a really equal amount of the team showing their varied skills, and we learned more about Sylvester. I’m still wary about the developing Paige/Walter relationship, but hopefully, the writers know what they’re doing.

That and Ralph better show up soon.

Next week, the team helps a witness flee a cartel in the last episode before what looks to be a two week finale, so this week’s episode worked really well as a last bit of fluff while still presenting enough development before the final three episodes.

Grade: A-

Image courtesy of CBS


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