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Scorpion: 1.16 “Love Boat” Review

Is it already almost Valentine’s Day?

Scorpion is a week early on that front, but this week’s episode is all about ~love~.

Sylvester, Paige, Cabe, and Walter go undercover on a cruise ship for couples to locate and disable stolen rockets. Why is it so easy to steal experimental military products? Especially on this show. It’s always rockets or nuclear something or another.

I can only review so many rocket episodes before wanting to blast the writers off into space like Team Rocket in Pokemon.

Anyways, Toby and Happy stay home to help remotely, and as usual, everything goes wrong. The team ends up stuck on the boat and then Sylvester, Paige, and the rest of the passengers get held hostage while Walter and Cabe try to distract the bad guys led by “Kristoff.”

While everyone tries to stay alive, Toby goes to pick up Ralph—who had faked being sick to get out of his school’s Valentine’s Day events after another boy gave a card to Sloan, the girl Ralph likes before Ralph could.

This incident serves to further Toby and Happy’s relationship through their advice to Ralph. Happy says that maybe Sloan (so Happy) doesn’t want to jeopardize the most important friendship she has and that Ralph should be patient. Snaps! It’s awesome to see Happy hold her own, and Toby respecting that.

Toby does ask “how patient” Ralph (Toby) should be, but Happy doesn’t get a chance to respond. Cabe calls for help to stop the rocket Kristoff fired towards the helicopter meant to help save the ship. There’s a lot of badly attempted saving going on here.

Since Happy can’t hack as fast as Walter, Ralph (yes Ralph) hacks into a nearby Japanese ship’s missile control to stop the rocket.

Best day to stay home from school ever! It’s also a direct note that Ralph represents young Walter.

Except, the real Kristoff is none other than the ship’s captain who takes Walter as his hostage and they attempt to leave via the lifeboat.

But! Aquaphobic Sylvester after escaping the hostage room, cannonballs into the boat causing mass chaos.

And, by “chaos”, I mean the guy we first thought was Kristoff gets eaten by the boat’s propeller, and Sylvester almost gets sucked in too until Cabe gets a hold of him allowing Paige just enough time to turn the boat off with Happy’s help.

All the team work!

Go Sylvester! Being the bravest ever by overcoming his extreme fear of water so that he could help his friends! Yay character development!

In fact he even goes to visit Megan instead of just sending a card.

Once the bad guys are squared away, Walter asks his ex what he could do better in relationships, which shows that Walter, too, is learning from his really intense rocket-filled job.

As for Ralph’s romantic dilemma? Well, Happy and Toby help rig up fireworks that say “For Sloan” with hearts, and it’s probably the cutest thing this show has ever done.

After which, Happy grabs Toby’s hand causing him to lean in to kiss her. Happy moves back, so Toby gives her space and asks if he’s going to get punched. When she says no and starts to lean in as well, the school’s principal comes out yelling about calling the police.

So, the kiss will have to wait for another time, but Happy and Toby shared their feelings!

In any other show, Toby would have continued to push and push Happy until she gave in, but in Scorpion—while it’s clear that they have feelings for each other and Toby obviously wants to move their relationship in a different direction—Toby never pushes Happy.

The episode ends with Walter giving Paige the weekend off and Sylvester telling Walter that he has someone to see to which Walter is super supportive of, but time will tell whether the writers are going the traditional “older protective brother” route.

Ultimately, Walter is left alone, but after his talk with the ex, I think that’s exactly what he needs instead of trying to do something in the heat of the moment with Paige.

This episode—even with the rockets—is probably my favorite of those that have aired since the New Year. There aren’t any terrible things said or done in regards to Valentine’s Day or in general.

Paige even gets to help save the day!

Now, if we could just get a relationship that wasn’t strictly heterosexual and episodes not about rockets, I would be super excited.

Still, this episode has all the elements you could want from a procedural and executes them well.

Grade: A+

Image courtesy of CBS


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