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Scorpion: 1.09 “Rogue Element” Review

We’re getting Team Dad backstory!

In “Single Point of Failure”, we learned that Cabe’s daughter Amanda died young from illness. Afterwards, his wife Rebecca (Jessica Tuck from One Life to Live) divorced him.

Fifteen years later, she’s asking Cabe for help because she found proof that there was a political action committee (PAC) that was to blame for a congressman’s murder and is worried about her own life.

The congressman had been representing small farms and protecting their water rights from some Big Agricultural company, which is an echo of “Single Point of Failure” and it’s comment on how Big Pharma destroys lives because capitalism.

Walter goes to Rebecca’s old building to retrieve a flash drive that has a copy of the proof of the PAC’s meddling and has to scale a wall and jump into Cabe’s moving car.

Both Paige and Rebecca step in to calm down Cabe who, of course is super pissed about Walter risking his life.

Unfortunately, the team’s garage has been ransacked, so everyone goes to Cabe and Rebecca’s old home. Except that Rebecca is kidnapped after she steps outside to get a breath after talking to Cabe about Amanda.


Sylvester hacks into the traffic cameras as Cabe and Walter go after Rebecca’s abductor (one of the PAC’s security guards), and after they crash into road blocks, commandeer another car from a random person.

Walter successfully attempts a Precision Immobilization Technique maneuver and causes the baddies car to stop.

Which is a cool use of math here as Happy walks Walter through the physics of doing the maneuver at 68 mph. (Probably unsafe in real life.)

Rebecca is safe and all is well!


Wow, being married to a government agent has its perks, and by perks, I mean secret knocks and emergency code words to make sure that all is safe. What a way to live. Reminds me of the cops at my school telling us that they always sit in the corner of restaurants so they can see anything.

Rebecca is pretty cool. Rebecca is able to calm down Cabe and even lets the team know how highly he thinks of them: “[You’re t]he smartest [he’ll] ever know.”

Rebecca also lets Walter know that Cabe wasn’t just worried about her today: “He doesn’t want to lose you.”

After being rescued, Rebecca is awesome in her deposition and shares a final moment with Cabe who tells her that his mandatory overseas missions hadn’t really been mandatory. He can’t live with abandoning her after Amanda’s death; however, Rebecca had forgiven him, and they part after Rebecca tells Cabe that he needs to get back to his family.

Rebecca even hugs Walter!! I hope she comes back.

Walter then tells Cabe at the end of the episode that “When I was a kid you were like a father to me. Sometimes you still are.”

Their relationship has been built very realistically with Cabe was Walter’s secondary father figure, the betrayal, and then Walter finally learns to forgive Cabe for what has happened.

Tears in my eyes. SO MANY FOUND FAMILY FEELS. (This is also reminding me of Leverage so much with the dead kid storyline.)


Ralph’s dad Drew has bad news. He asks Walter what will happen if something big changes in Ralph’s life—like Drew getting a spot on the Portland Seadogs baseball team and asking Paige and Ralph to move with him.

I smell dramarama, and Paige is not going to be happy since Drew talked to Walter first.

Also, dude, you’ve been back for like two weeks, and you’re already trying to go back to before you left for seven years? I believe that people can change, but it’s telling that Drew is already looking for the next big thing.

I loved Cabe stepping into mentoring Walter through his feelings about Drew and Ralph especially since Cabe thinks of Walter as his son. I just want to hug everyone.

Overall Grade: A

Character-based episodes are the best! Too bad Drew is still a butt; however, anytime procedurals implicitly or explicitly call out Big Pharma/Big Agri/Big Anything, I’m pleased.

Characterization: A

The contrasts between Cabe and Drew as fathers was super-enlightening about the two (and Walter as Cabe’s surrogate child) as a whole, and I’m really excited to delve into that more.

We didn’t get to see much from the other characters because it was a Cabe episode but watching Toby and Happy flirt was hilarious because Toby is so ridiculous!!

Plot/Setting: A

It’s hard to care about Drew trying to move when you know that the show will resolve the conflict pretty easily later on. I guess the only important part of that plot is Walter realizing he loves Ralph and probably has a huge crush on Paige. Still, other conflicts could do the same thing. Maybe it’s because I’ve watched hundreds of television shows and this conflict for the sake of conflict is so overused.

Plot A, on the other hand, was all emotions and Team Dad being epic, so even though the overall criminal stuff was predictable, it was still a fun episode.

(Plus, Rebecca is awesome and should come back.)

Mythos: A

Nothing really new here with the group of geniuses, but we got to see that Cabe lurves them all so that was really nice because I’m sure, at some point in the future, they’re going to get into more trouble, and Cabe will be like “children, please.”

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