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Scorpion: 1.07 ‘Father’s Day’ Review

Case of the Week:

This week, Cabe calls in the Team to help find three convicts who broke out of prison.

Before the team leaves, though, we get a hilarious look at Cabe’s age through his love for Peek Freans: “a very serious cookie”. He must be 50-something.

At the prison, the team walks through how the convicts escaped—a phone call to a transmitter that overrode the front gate’s security.

Percy, the third convict, has actually been kidnapped.

Walter and Sylvester explain to Cabe—who isn’t sure that Percy is innocent—some of the reasons why geniuses have difficulty trusting people after they’ve been taken advantage of and/or have been ostracized. They often become unsure of themselves, like Sylvester; angry, like Happy; jerkish, like Toby; and/or distant, like Walter.

Unfortunately, Cabe was right about Percy because Percy and the Russians have wounded two men and stolen their car.

Walter inputs an algorithm into an Amber Alert in order to contact Percy, which works somehow.

It turns out the Russians are forcing Percy to adapt his hacking software to hack the Stock Exchange.

Except Percy is manipulating everyone. The offshore account the team had found earlier in the episode is only in Percy’s name. Percy used the Russians to get out of jail before the Stock Change got upgraded.

As Toby explains all of that, he asks Walter if it sounds right, and Walter flashes back to finding out his software was used to drop bombs and almost tears up: “It sounds right. That’s what ‘normals’ do to geniuses. They use us.”

This show toes a fine line between showing the audience a group of geniuses who don’t connect to others as easily as they connect to each other and being ableist in the writers’ portrayals of geniuses and their inabilities in various fields; however, this scene shows how, even though Scorpion keeps telling the audience that geniuses don’t connect to people—in reality—Walter and the rest of the team do connect, want to have friends—and do have friends—and, in Walter’s words, be “normal”.

Whatever that means.

Side note: Gabriel Elyes does teary eyes really well.

So, the Team goes to stop Percy from hacking into the Stock Exchange since they want to “nail this guy”, but Toby incorrectly deciphers the Morse Code, sending Cabe to building S instead of building H.

So the others attempt to extract Percy themselves.

Sylvester sets the building on fire to get the Russians to leave while Happy and Toby pretend to be cops with a laser and Toby’s terrible accent. I’m laughing because this is the worst thing they’ve tried yet.

Cabe is going to have a field day. I’m having a field day. Can we get one episode where they can execute a plan correctly?

Cabe saves them though, and Walter punches one Russian in the nose. He remembered Cabe’s lesson from years ago!

Case over.

Walter says he doesn’t think he ever really forgave Cabe for what happened with Baghdad before and that’s why he’s been so worried about Ralph. So Cabe tells Walter to look after Ralph, and Cabe’ll look after Walter “like I used to” as they eat a Peek Frean together.

Hearteyes for Cabe.

I just love Found Family a lot.


We see Walter’s first meeting with Cabe in Ireland after hacking into the NASA. Cabe had been testing Walter’s abilities and then brought him into developing the aid package dropping software. He also taught Walter self-defense after Walter was hit by a bully.

No wonder Walter was so affected by his software being used to drop bombs because, aside from the humanitarian aspect of it, he felt betrayed by his father figure.


Ralph’s dad Drew (Brendan Hines from Lie to Me) is back, and Paige has to decide whether or not Ralph will meet Drew. The team is not a fan of him since Drew left seven years ago.

Walter says he could just hack into Drew’s credit records, which Paige tells him not to— so Toby does it instead.

I can understand Paige not wanting the Team’s input. It’s not “communal childrearing” as she says, and they weren’t around before; however, the others are now involved in Ralph’s life and love Ralph. Since he’s like they are, I can understand the extra worry they’re all feeling.

They’ve all had issues with their parents too and wanting to protect Ralph is totally in character. Paige even asks Happy if she has any comments, but Happy responds that “I don’t know anything about dads.”

Considering Happy was given up when she was very young, that comment is an understatement.

Toby actually hacks into Social Services to find photos to give to Happy, and Happy shreds the file. Ouch. Toby is a jerk, but he cares very much for Happy. I’m not sure if I want them to kiss or just give each other a big hug because Toby totally has heart eyes for Happy; whereas, Happy is just like “I’m surrounded by ridiculous people.”

At the end, it’s Happy who has the best thing to say to Paige: “My dad disappeared. If there’s even a chance you can end what Ralph’s going through, then do it.”

So, Paige decides to let Ralph meet Drew, so I assume Drew will be around for another episode.


Before the episode ends, but after Happy tells Paige to end Ralph’s waiting, we see Happy go into a mechanic’s garage. It’s her dad! Her love of mechanics comes from her dad! She asks for a job, but he says there aren’t any positions open. Happy stays and shows him some new tricks.

I’m /chinhands/ about her. That and—now that we know her dad is white and her mom died at childbirth—Happy’s story just got so much more potential depth.

Overall Grade: B

The CotW was not anything new and really only served as a way for us to see into Walter and Cabe’s first relationship with each other. The stuff with Ralph and the team’s concern for him was great, and I really appreciated getting to see Paige in Mom Mode as opposed to Team Personal Translator Mode.

Characterization: A

Paige got to be a mom!! Which is super integral to her character!! We also got to see Sylvester play with one of those light up memory toys where you hit the sequence in order, except he does it in a sequence of 1000! And, super important for me, we got to learn more about how Happy feels about her dad.

Plot: A-

CotW was blah, but everything else was great.

Mythos: B?

Honestly, I’m not sure about the show’s main mythos. This is a group of geniuses who can’t connect with others, so they need someone to do the job for them. Yet it’s obvious that they can and do connect. They connect with each other, with Paige and definitely with Ralph.

My issue is that, when the show does a fair job of showing the characters growing as people in general and in regards to being really good at what they do, they do it okay, but when the show doesn’t do a great job, it is problematic.

I’m not sure what the message ends up being to the audience. Most of the time it seems to be that Team Scorpion is awesome. Other times it’s about Paige being a vehicle for Walter’s growth as a guy who will be acceptable to society which is total crap. So I guess time will tell.

Setting: A

They ran around a lot. It was cool.

Image courtesy CBS


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