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Schedule Shuffling Moves Deadpool 2 Up, New Mutants Way Back

A series of release date maneuvers have led to significant rescheduling for Fox’s upcoming X-Men-verse movies. It’s a bit of a good news/bad news scenario. Good news; Deadpool 2 has moved up two weeks to a May 18 release date from its original June 1 date. This might pose a bit of a risk since it moves Deadpool closer to Infinity Wars and a week before Solo: A Star Wars Story, but it’s still good news. Deadpool was a highly entertaining surprise, and the highest-grossing rated R movie ever. I expect the highly-anticipated sequel will do just fine.

In worse news; well, Gambit and The New Mutants might not be doing so well.

The New Mutants has been pushed from its original release date of April 13th all the way to February 22, 2019. A push like usually isn’t a very good thing. This long delay has partially been explained as avoiding the risk of competing with Deadpool in international box offices. However, others are saying The New Mutants will undergo reshoots to beef up the film’s horror elements due to the success of IT and Get Out.

You typically don’t see a movie’s release delayed that long unless there are some serious problems with the movie. Here’s hoping this is nothing serious because the movie looks pretty cool.

And finally, in Fox mutant news, the Gambit movie has been pushed from February 2019 to June 2019 after Gore Verbinski became the second director to leave the project claiming a scheduling conflict. Again, hopefully nothing serious, but having directors walk away multiple times seems like a bad sign. Then again the idea of a Gambit movie at all never inspired much reaction from me.

What will all this mean in the end? I expect Deadpool to be a hell of a lot of fun, just like the first one, and an earlier release date only encourages my expectations. For the other movies, though…here’s hoping they make it through this. Mutants are awesome, and I want all the best for them.

Images Courtesy of 20th Century Fox
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