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‘Cyperpunk RED’ Publisher R.Talsorian Games To Distribute ‘Haunted West’

R. Talsorian Games, publisher of Cyberpunk RED and The Witcher TTRPG, has signed an agreement with Darker Hue Studios to distribute Haunted West, a tabletop roleplaying game shining the light of truth on the old west.

Haunted West Core Book Art

Created by multi-award winning game designer Chris Spivey (Harlem Unbound) and a diverse team of creatives and experts, Haunted West is a Weird West TTRPG about hope through struggle, set in the period between the American Civil War and the turn of the century. Founded on a wealth of historical research, Haunted West not only provides a comprehensive and full view of the time period but also amplifies the voices of the often overlooked people of the Old West who have been whitewashed out of history.

Haunted West utilizes the Ouroboros System, a modular, three-tiered system powering adventures using d100s, degrees of success, and a unique Jacks mechanic. Each group can choose how rules light or rules heavy they want to play, using the Ouroboros System or the optional and included Powered by the Apocalypse ruleset.

“I already loved Chris’s previous book, Harlem Unbound, but Haunted West leaves it in the dust. The sheer amount of historical information and the depth of the system make it a damn fine game. But then, it had me at Bass Reeves, the real Lone Ranger. I want to get this in as many hands as we can.” Mike Pondsmith, founder and CEO of R. Talsorian Games, and Origins Hall of Famer said about Haunted West.

With this deal, R. Talsorian Games will act as a distributor of Haunted West. Distributors, retailers, and individual customers will be able to order Haunted West from R. Talsorian Games along with classic games such as Cyberpunk RED and The Witcher TTRPG. In addition, R. Talsorian Games will work with Darker Hue Studios to promote and boost the game in the market and on social media and provide business-related assistance behind the scenes.

“Mike Pondsmith was one of my first inspirations in the world of TTRPGs and I continue to admire the legacy of quality products he’s produced. I’m honored and excited to be working with RTG.” Chris Spivey said about the team-up with R. Talsorian Games.

Haunted West should be available from R. Talsorian Games beginning in March of this year.

Images via Darker Hue Studios and R. Talsorian Games

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