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New Virtual Roleplaying App Wants To Elevate Players And Creators

It’s been difficult in the last few months for many tabletop fans (myself included) to actually get together and play out favorite RPGs with our group. Thanks to COVID, we’ve instead had to turn to digital platforms like Roll20, which let us link up digitally and play with the help of maps, markers, and other visual aids. While there are a few options already in the market, a new Kickstarter from a team of veteran tech industry creators hopes to completely change the way we play online.

Founded by Logan Dwight  and Ian Hirschfeld, experienced tech developers who previously worked together on VR experiences like Beyond Tokyo and Atlas, initially launched it as an iOS app. After over 100,000 downloads, the decision was made to transition to a more robust desktop format akin to other roleplaying applications. According to Dwight, the new platform will “help the next generation of brilliant creators and diverse voices craft stories across the globe.”

Role’s interface is designed to be a much more streamlined and clean experience than the competition

Hoping to create a “player-centric” platform, Role will feature hi-def video chat built into the platform and modular character sheets that are easily changeable throughout the course of a campaign. There will also be a “Looking For Group” feature that will help link up GM’s and players and create new games for people struggling to get one going. It will also allow GM’s to easily upload game assets and visual aids as well as customizable dice and cards for just about any game.

While players are at the core of Role’s campaign, they also want to change the way creators market and sell their games. They’ll have the option to upload free teasers for their games, and players will be able to recommend them to each other rather than simply review them and move on like on most platforms. Each game is also integrates with the player matching feature, meaning the instant you buy a game you can start looking for people to play it with. Role is launching with a slew of indie developers already on board, with exclusive content for Magpie Games’s Masks, Massif Press’s Lancer, and Swordsfall’s Tikor. It will also feature brand new games from Sword Queen Games, Skullfungus, and Role’s new in-house publishing division.

Roles marketplace wants to make the relationship between creator and player about more than just transactions

You can find out more on the Role Kickstarter page, as well as on Twitter and their website,


Images via Role Inc.


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