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Reboot-Mania Continues with Death Wish

Why remake Death Wish? I don’t know. Based on this trailer, it might just be everything I worried The Punisher would be. This isn’t 1974 anymore. There are a thousand “angry white guy takes violent vengeance on street punks who hurt his family” stories that have come and gone since. Why bring back this one now?

For those who haven’t seen or heard of it, Death Wish was a series of films starring Charles Bronson. He stars as a Korean War veteran who decides to turn vigilante after some thugs assault his wife and rape his daughter. Each of the five films basically involves some woman in his life being assaulted so he has a reason to go out shooting. It’s pretty much the fantasy of violent toxic masculinity everywhere.

You know, fine. It’s the 1970s. That was almost half a century ago now. A long time has passed.

Taking a look at this Bruce Willis reboot, you’d think nothing had changed. And even worse, it’s not 1974. This glorification of the old, angry white guy being the lone hero with a gun doesn’t fly anymore. It’s one thing if you take the time to examine the unbalanced mentality of someone with this mindset and how they are wrong. The Punisher may not have gone all the way in this but it did try and didn’t straight up glorify Frank Castle for what he does. Clearly, that’s not the case here.

Nope, we have movie number 120,000 starring heroic angry white guy number 1 million who will not be called out in any way for being a toxic piece of crap, and all this glorification of the white guy with a gun will take place in a country that has lone white guys with guns murdering hundreds every year in mass shootings. Yet another woman will be murdered to justify this “hero’s” actions, and another will be assaulted and brutalized, and a bad man will be called a hero for doing bad things.

To put it bluntly, Death Wish is going to have to surprise the hell out of me to not be a hard pass. I can’t believe anyone would still think a movie like this is a good idea.

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