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Funko Games Announces ‘Rear Window’ Board Game. Because Why Not, Right?

Proving that really anything can be a board game, Funko Games has announced that even Alfred Hitchcock’s oeuvre can make it onto the table with their newest game. Based on the 1954 classic Rear Window starring James Stewart and Grace Kelly (the one where Jimmy spies on his neighbors), it puts one player in the position of a director to help players solve a ghastly (or fictitious) murder.

Rear Window game art

The quintessential nail-biting, edge-of-your-seat Alfred Hitchcock thriller Rear Window has been transformed into Rear Window Game – coming to a tabletop this summer from Funko Games’ acclaimed design studio Prospero Hall. One player assumes the role of the Director and “Master of Suspense” himself who must communicate using clues and signs (and without ever uttering a word) to help the other players figure out who the murderer is or if there was even a murder.

Inspired by the classic 1950s film stylings of Hitchcock, Rear Window Game includes the likeness of Hollywood icons Jimmy Stewart (as L.B. “Jeff” Jeffries) and Grace Kelly (as Lisa Carol Fremont) – transporting the players into the fabled apartment and its curious neighbors.  Suited for an older audience (13+), this is a cooperative game with all the tension, suspense and surprise associated with Hitchcock storytelling.

Rear Window game contents

Rear Window

MSRP: $34.99, 3-5 Players, Ages 13+, Available Summer 2022


  • Director Screen
  • Watcher Screen
  • 4 Day Boards
  • Solution Board
  • 4 Watcher Placards
  • 70 Window Cards
  • 102 Tiles
  • 45 Tokens
  • Trunk Box
  • 4 Wooden Cubes
  • Instructions

Images via Funko Games and Paramount

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