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Veteran Board Game Designers Behind Everdell Team Up To Form Quillsilver Studio

When successful board game creators leave a studio, one of two things happens. Either they’re snapped up by another company hoping to add their talent to their roster, or they decide to enter the terrifying and chaotic world of freelancing. Brenna Noonan, Dann May, and Greg May, however, decided not to do that. After leaving the Tabletop Tycoon collective, particularly Starling and Polyhero Dice, they wanted to do something more than just float around. All of them experienced with multiple facets of the board game industry, the three announced yesterday that they were forming Quillsilver Studio, a brand new collective aiming to help both independent designers and big publishers with all aspects of the board game publishing process. With twenty-five years of experience between them, they’ve got a lot of advice to share. Check out the full press release below:

Brenna Noonan and Dann May, respectively the former Brand Manager and Creative Director at Starling Games, and Greg May, have announced the launch of Quillsilver Studio, a new development house providing publishing services for the tabletop game industry. Quillsilver will offer a range of services including game development, product design, art direction, illustration, graphic design and layout, 3D sculpting and video production, writing, editing, Kickstarter management, and marketing. 

“Quillsilver Studio is a family company, and we are thrilled to be teaming up to bring our combined 25 years’ experience in tabletop games to the industry at large,” said Brenna Noonan. “Whether you’re an established publisher or a first-time designer, Quillsilver was founded to help you create great games, and highly successful products.” 

“I’m always inspired by the opportunity to work with like-minded people striving to create stand-out games that players love,” said Dann May. “Quillsilver allows us to forge dynamic creative collaborations and business partnerships, to innovate on and polish products, and create entirely new products for both longtime tabletop fans and newcomers to our hobby to enjoy. We’re excited to be contributing our passion and experience to the next generation of gaming fun, and to continue building on our successes together with our valued partners.” 

Dann May is the co-creator of PolyHero Dice and developer and product designer of titles including Everdell, Black Orchestra, and A War of Whispers. Greg May is also a co-creator of PolyHero Dice and has contributed graphics to games such as Wingspan, Everdell, and Planetarium. Brenna Noonan has developed a number of titles including Everdell, A War of Whispers, and Roll Player Adventures, and has raised millions of dollars on Kickstarter.”

For more information and for a complete list of available services, visit


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