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Renegade Announces New Accessories For Power Rangers RPG

The Power Rangers Roleplaying Game has been a major part of the Renegade Games rollout this past year, making waves with a new system that allows fans of the classic sentai series to engage with the world in a brand new way. Now, Renegade has announced four brand new additions to the game to both expand the world of Power Rangers and enhance the gameplay experience for players.

Power Rangers Roleplaying Game Adventures in Angel Grove

 In “Adventures in Angel Grove”, Rita Repusla’s forces are attacking Angel Grove, as always, but this time something’s REALLY gone haywire! People are missing from all over the city, Zords are on the fritz, and it seems like even Rita doesn’t know what’s gone wrong!

Power Rangers RPG Adventires in Angel Grove

In this four part adventure, your team of Power Rangers will solve a mystery that leads to places on which no human has set foot on…yet! This is the perfect way to continue a game that started with the adventure in the Core Rulebook, then played the Glutton for Punishment adventure that comes with the GM screen.

MSRP: $45.00

Release: Q2 2022

Power Rangers Roleplaying Game Glutton for Punishment Accessory Pack

Perfect for aspiring GM’s, the accessory pack contains full-color cardboard standees and stat cards for all threats in the “Fool’s Errand” adventure from the Core Rulebook, as well as from the “Glutton for Punishment” adventure. These standees and cards make handling epic battles a snap. What’s more the pack includes 10 beautiful, full-color map tiles for locations you may come across in your adventures.

This set of full color standees, maps, and stat block cards are a companion to the Power Rangers Roleplaying Game Core Rulebook and GM Screen adventures, “A Fool’s Errand” and “A Glutton for Punishment!”  Printed on sturdy cardstock and designed for the Essence20 Roleplaying System, each standee contains a beautiful full-color image of a Threat or NPC, along with matching stat block cards for easy reference, so the game doesn’t slow down!   Each standee fits into a size-appropriate plastic base on a 1″ grid system, making them perfect for play on the included encounter maps or to mix with other traditional miniatures on your table.

MSRP: $40.00

Release: Q3 2022

 Power Rangers Roleplaying Game Character Journal 

Power Rangers RPG Journal

Back on the player’s side is the character journal, a beautiful foil-embossed hardcover love letter to your roleplaying game character. It functions as an expanded character sheet, but is also able to chronicle your Ranger’s adventures over a whole campaign. It also includes character creation prompts and history pages to help you get started.

MSRP: $21.99

Release: Q2 2022

Power Rangers Roleplaying Game Hero Miniatures Set 1

Power Rangers RPG Minis

Last but certainly not least, we have 12 detailed miniatures for player characters in the Power Rangers Roleplaying Game Hero Miniatures Set #1. Paint up a custom ranger for each character in your group, picking from a variety of Rangers from the Mighty Morphin, Zeo, and Turbo teams.


  • Popular character archetypes from Power Rangers can be used to represent your player character. 
  • Unpainted miniatures allow flexibility in character representation.  
  • 28mm size is perfect for standard RPG grid maps


  • MMPR “Black Ranger”
  • MMPR “Blue Ranger”
  • MMPR “Green Ranger”
  • MMPR “Pink Ranger”
  • MMPR “Red Ranger”
  • MMPR “White Ranger”
  • MMPR “Yellow Ranger”
  • Zeo “Blue Ranger”
  • Zeo “Pink Ranger”
  • Zeo “Red Ranger”
  • Turbo “Green Ranger”
  • Turbo“Yellow Ranger”

MSRP : 55.00

Release: Q2 2022

Images via Renegade Games And Saban

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