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Pathfinder Kingmaker: 10th Anniversary Edition Will Bring Rulership To Kingdoms New And Old

Have you finished an epic quest in your campaign, your health points low, your gold reserve lower, only to get stiffed because the monarch is an ungrateful twit? You’ve returned the Queen’s snot nosed brat to her AND rid the local abandoned dungeon of a nasty Lich infestation. You’re all ready for an ale binge down at the Wiggly Wyvern, but she won’t pay up! Despite all the charisma checks you try, even the wizard with terrible social anxiety, you can’t wheedle a copper out of her. Do you just want to turn to your party and go, “Screw this! I’ll make my own kingdom! With blackjack! and wenches! Actually, forget the kingdom…” But it’s too late, the idea is seeded, and that’s where Pathfinder: Kingmaker comes in.

Debuting in 2010, Paizo’s Kingmaker Adventure Path lets Pathfinder players take on a whole new role as they carved out a nation of their own among the lawless River Kingdoms of Northeaster Avistan. A whole new level of strategy came to the tabletop as players fought to expand their kingdom by any means necessary. With an open ended story, crafted with the aid of Forgotten Realms creator Ed Greenwood, and the ability to control the economy, military, and politics of an expanding empire, Kingmaker became beloved among tabletop players, and remains so ten years on. But ten years is a long time in tabletop, and Paizo’s ready to shake the cobwebs loose with a brand new crowdfunding campaign.

Launched on May 7th, the campaign focuses on the release of four core books: The Kingmaker Adventure Path for the upcoming second edition of Pathfinder (see here for more details), The Kingmaker Companion Guide, which ties into the Kingmaker CRPG released last year by Owlcat Games, and a Kingmaker Bestiary for both Pathfinder 1E AND Dungeons and Dragons. This book gives GM’s (and DM’s) the chance to  either adapt the Kingmaker Adventure Path their preferred system, or just use the assorted creatures and NPC’s in any way they’d like

Owlcat’s Pathfinder: Kingmaker was the game’s first foray into the digital realm

Backers of the campaign have already pledged almost $217,000 dollars, and unlocked special goodies like the Kingmaker Pawn Box, the “Noble Manor” flip mat pack, a “Kingdom Management Screen,” and a poster map portfolio. They’ve also unlocked expansions to both the Adventure Path and Companion Guide that add even more bang to your buck. Backers can also get as add-ons a special dice set, hero point tokens, an enamel pin to help flesh out their game even more (and get those sweet, sweet bragging rights). Further rewards you can still unlock include a Campsite flip-mat pack, another expansion to the Adventure Path, and even aspiring god-hero Nok-Nok the Goblin as a companion.

This guy’s worth $300,000, don’t you think?

Set to release in 2020, Kingmaker will also be a great jumping off point for groups interested in the new edition of Pathfinder.  But you’d best hurry, as the campaign only runs through May 21st.  For more, checkout the campaign here. And stay tuned to The Fandomentals for news, reviews, and more on all things Pathfinder and the wild world of tabletop!


All images via Paizo Inc. and Owlcat Games

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