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Pandasaurus Announces New Abstract Game “That Time You Killed Me”

Fans of time travel and murder (we know you’re out there) will be pleased to see the newest announcement from Pandasaurus Games: That Time You Killed Me. An abstract game about rival time travellers, it features trippy art from Spanish artist Jor Ros and design from Peter Hayward, the designer of games like Village Pillage, Dracula’s Feast, and The Lady and the Tiger (among others). Check out the full details below:

That Time You Killed Me box

That Time You Killed Me is a narrative game that introduces new scenarios with unique rules and components as you play. As with any game about mucking about across time, you must play through this content in a strict, unalterable order. Play through 4 different Chapters, each with its own rules and components and increasing difficulty!

You and your opponent are rival time travelers trying to erase each other from history. To prove you are the one true inventor of time travel, you must use your invention to find your enemy in time and murder them – before they get you!

Unfortunately, since your enemy has strewn many copies of themself across the timeline, you may have to do the terrible deed many, many times before it sticks. Just make sure you don’t get erased first!

That Time You Killed Me layout
  • 2 players
  • 15-30 min
  • Ages 10+
  • $40 MSRP
  • Designer: Peter C. Hayward (Ninjitsu, Jabberwocky); Illustrator: Jor Ros
  • Mechanics: Grid movement, push/slide pieces, multiple maps
  • Release date: TBA / Pre-orders open: now


  • Innovative time travel gameplay occurs simultaneously on three different boards representing the Past, Present, and Future!
  • Unlock new, content professionally written by Peter C. Hayward – game designer and sitcom writer.
  • Each chapter introduces schisms and fractures to the timeline, represented by detailed, artistic minis!
  • Artwork by Jor Ros with dramatic colors and composition heightens the setting across all of Spacetime!

As noted, the release of the game is up in the air due to shipping delays affecting the whole game industry, but should be out early 2022. Pandasaurus has also released a series of phone backgrounds showing off the game’s art and revealing a glimpse at it for pre-release.

Images via Pandasaurus Games

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