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Official Trailer for The Good Catholic

The Good Catholic follows a priest named Daniel, who has dreamed of the position his entire life. After meeting and growing close to a woman named Jane, he finds his desires torn between her and his calling in life. With the help of two elder priests at his church, he confronts his feelings and decides on the direction to take his life.

Watch the trailer below:

I suppose the biggest concern coming out of this trailer is whether Jane will be presented as the woman “tempting” the man away from his faith. Maybe I’ve just seen too many movies and shows featuring exactly that subplot. A great deal of fertile middle ground can be cultivated from this concept. Let’s hope The Good Catholic doesn’t take the worst possible route here. I will say the trailer doesn’t appear to paint Jane’s character in an overly unflattering light.

If so, hopefully the cast will hold it together. Zachary Spicer stars as the titular character, with Wrenn Schmidt as Jane. Danny Glover and John McGinley star as the two elder priests who help guide Daniel as he makes the decision between priesthood and his love life.

The Good Catholic releases in select theaters on September 8.

Video and Images Courtesy of Broad Green Pictures


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