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Official Trailer for The Tick

The nigh-indestructible superhero is set to hit small screens a month from now, and this is exactly the news we needed in this bleak, cold world. We can all use a little more of The Tick in our lives. Spooooon!

However, The Tick isn’t the only hero setting out to save the City when his show hits Amazon. Featuring heavily in the trailer is an accountant by the name of Arthur Everest, who adopts a costume of his own and helps Tick battle crime after discovering his city is run by a supervillain. We also catch a glimpse of others. They’ll laugh, they’ll love, they’ll hug, and they’ll celebrate a variety of bodily harm. Watch the trailer below:

Alive as a daisy, indeed.

I hope the show is half as fun as this trailer was. The jokes land, Peter Serafinowicz seems perfect as the titled big blue bug, and everything looks so colorful and goofy. The trailer also does a nice job introducing just who The Tick is and how ridiculous the whole thing is supposed to be. Though if you don’t know who The Tick is, I have one suggestion: read a book! Or at least watch the previous shows. Come on, people. 

The Tick will be available for streaming on Amazon on August 25, though this will only be the six-part first half of the season, with the remaining six episodes arriving in early 2018. The cast includes Serafinowicz, Griffin Newman, Valorie Curry, Kahlil Ashanti, Paul Moon, John Pirkis, and Joshua Schubart.

Video and Images Courtesy of Amazon


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