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‘Evolution’ Publisher Northstar Games Announces Rebranding And New Direction

Board game publisher North Star Games (Oceans, Paint The Roses) has announced a strategic new branding, direction, and focus. After almost 20 years, NorthStar is adapting its business to focus on one core market: hobby gamers. They created a new look and name to reflect this change.

NorthStar Game Studio art and new name

The publisher will now release games under the name NorthStar Game Studio reflecting the team’s focus on finely crafted game design. Collaborating with the talented team at Quillsilver Studio, they created a new brand logo to encapsulate this. 

“Capturing the imagination is what we do as tabletop game creators, so a great logo will not only say something strong about the brand, but will also invite players to imagine the possibilities of new adventures,” said Dann May of Quillsilver Studio. “Our new logo for NorthStar reflects a commitment to following the principles established over the company’s long history, as well as the imaginative exploration that comes from chasing excellence.” 

The new logo combines elements like the guiding light of the North Star with feelings of empowerment, mystery and the excitement of exploration. This new branding will represent the publisher online on all social channels, as well as the company website, and products.

NorthStar Game Studio new logo

“Over the years we’ve published exciting, award-winning titles catering to a wide variety of players – everything from party games to kid games to family games to digital apps,” said company founder Dominic Crapuchettes. “I love all types of games, but we were too small to be everything to everyone.”

Reassessing their position during the challenges of the pandemic, the publisher decided to take decisive action. In 2021, they sold the Happy Planet brand designed for Toy & Specialty to Exploding Kittens, and more recently licensed worldwide rights to the mass market party games Wits & Wagers and Say Anything to Mattel. 

NorthStar will now develop digital and cardboard titles for the hobby game market. “By focusing on one market we can spend more time crafting new games and build a truly interactive relationship with the community,” said Dominic. “Our vision as a publisher is simple but bold: create games worth passing on to the next generation.”

Dominic states a driving force behind the refocus was a desire to return to the passion that inspired him to found NorthStar almost 20 years ago. “My drive to craft great games is as true now as when I founded the company. By combining intuitive, highly replayable experiences with the best art and components, we’ll build worlds you want to explore.”

Images via NorthStar Game Studios

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