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Next Year, AEG And The op Will Finally Let You Smash Up Your Favorite Franchises

Smash Up has always been the ultimate game for deciding the age-old question of “who would win”, pitting ninjas, pirates, robots, dinosaurs, and robot dinosaurs against each other in fast-paced card-drafting.  Since its release, its added to the game by including new factions that range from the obvious (Dragons, Vikings), to the creative (Magical Girls, Elder Things), to the just plain weird (Grandmas, Disco Dancers). It’s been announced, however, that developer AEG has partnered with fellow board game company The op to tap into the latter’s deep catalog of licenses for a brand new series of Smash Up expansions. While specifics are unclear, The op has produced games based on Harry Potter, Toy Story, the MCU, and more, creating endless possibilities for featured factions. You can read the full press release, and learn a bit about the game itself, below.

CARLSBAD, Calif. – November 13, 2019 – Alderac Entertainment Group (AEG), publishers of hit games like Tiny Towns and Ecos: First Continent along with The Op Games | usaopoly, the Carlsbad board game and puzzle publisher behind best-selling party games Telestrations® and Blank Slate™, are thrilled to announce their new partnership to bring officially licensed Factions to AEG’s flagship card game Smash Up in 2020 and beyond.

The award-winning “shufflebuilding” game allows fans to draft decks of fictitious dream teams and pit them against other campy collections in a battle to dominate targeted bases. Through ongoing play, players familiarize themselves with and combine mechanics unique to each of their Factions to best their opponents’ point values.

In joining forces with The Op, who celebrates 25 years of co-branded products and partnerships this year, Smash Up designer Paul Peterson is confident that fans will embrace what is to come of the collaboration. “The Op has consistently put out some of the highest quality games in the industry,” says Peterson, known best for his work on Pokémon and Magic: The Gathering. “By pairing with the design team from AEG, the Smash Up game we are building together is going knock the fans’ socks off!”

This will be the first time both California board game companies have worked together to develop content for Smash Up. More will be revealed come AEG’s 2020 March Smashness and future events. Learn about AEG’s current offerings at, learn about The Op’s current offerings by visiting

Images via AEG


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