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Explore and Plunder With Two New Miniature Sets For ‘The Elder Scrolls: Call to Arms’

Modiphius Entertainment has launched pre-orders for two new resin miniature sets for their popular tabletop adventure wargame: The Elder Scrolls: Call to Arms. These collections focus on the ambitious and raucous adventurers and bandits that roam the land of Tamriel.

The Adventure Fortune Hunters Set and Bandit Core Set each feature a total of six detailed resin miniatures and bases designed to fully immerse yourself in the experience of adventuring, pillaging, and plundering your way through Tamriel.

The Adventure Fortune Hunters Set [UK] [US] includes:

  • Borgakh Steelheart, Sulla Trebatius, Umama, Deeja, Serana, and the Dragonborn Champion

The Bandit Core Set [UK] [US] comes with:

  • The Butcher, Pirate Battlemage Haldyn, Raj’irr the White River Rogue, and three Bandit Warriors that can also be used as Vampire Thralls or Neutral Mercenaries

Each set includes six highly detailed terrain bases for mounting these multi-part resin miniatures.

Both sets are now available to pre-order on the Modiphius web store [UK] [US] and will arrive in retail and online in late August 2022.

Images via Modiphius


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