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New Justice League Trailer Shows Off a Visual Feast

I doubt that headline shocks anyone. Of all the problems fans and critics have with DC’s movie universe, visual effects have never been one of them. This newest trailer for Justice League shows off more of the CG-feast. Our heroes blast stuff left and right, and it all looks glorious. They team up, they show off powers, the action looks great, the villains look great, and the collateral damage of all this fighting looks fantastic (if a bit red). For lifelong comics fans, this is everything we dared dream of but never hoped for.

As for why all this action occurs? This trailer has some of that covered, too.

Focusing on the aftermath of Superman’s death (you fool no one, DC), the world has become a more violent place, and our heroes all cope with the void created by his absence. It’s a cool choice to open with the Superman fake out and focus the trailer on his absence, however much we know he will be back by the end of this movie. There are a sorrow and slight helplessness running throughout the first bit of the trailer that works pretty well for me. Here’s hoping it carries over into the movie itself.

Okay, enough of the serious stuff, because we have awesome action to talk about! The heroes all look great (Cyborg’s CG is thankfully improving with each trailer). We all know how amazing Gal Gadot is as Wonder Woman. Jason Momoa looks like a home run as Aquaman, and Ezra Miller is adorably geeky as Barry Allen/The Flash. Again, there are millions who never thought we’d see this. It’s hard not to give into the hype.

How will all these elements translate as far as quality? That remains to be seen. I still can’t help but watch these trailers and worry this turns out to be a bland mess of mindless CG. Wonder Woman did wonders for DC, but it’s still only one movie. Please don’t let us down, DC. We’ve waited too long for this.

Justice League hits theaters on November 17.

Video and Images Courtesy of Warner Bros. Pictures


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