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New God of War Trailer Reveals Release Date and Plot

I still can’t say I’m entirely sold on the new setting and feel of God of War. Yes, the previous games were ludicrous male power fantasies with an unfortunate number of immature, sexist moments. I’m definitely hoping to see this new entry move away from that. Still, they were just so fun. Call them a problematic fave; when it came to entertaining action games with a cool setting and top-flight gameplay, you weren’t beating God of War. I can’t quite say this new setting or the glimpses of gameplay interest me the same way.

Does that mean I’m not interested at all? Of course not. This newest trailer was another step towards winning me over. I can finally say I’m looking forward to playing God of War when it releases on April 20.

Thankfully the series does seem to be moving away from the over-the-top alpha male stuff of earlier entries in the series. The Kratos of this trailer is a noticeably different person than the one slaughtering Greek gods left and right. He’s calmer, thoughtful, aged, and noticeably weary. I mean, you would be too if you killed all of Mt. Olympus. He has a son as well who seems to be coming into godhood. Unfortunately, it looks like this soft reboot is beginning with yet another dead woman, like Kratos’s wife and daughter in the originals. However, it also looks like the plot of the game is about honoring her last wishes?

Progress. Take it where you can get it.

While I would have preferred Egyptian mythology over the Norse mythology, this trailer was definitely the one that sold me on the new setting. It moved away from the overly Skyrim-ish look and showed off some of the cooler, more vibrant possibilities of the setting. And while Grumpy Dad Kratos looking after his son might be coming in on a trend wearing itself thin (see The Last of Us, the Telltale Walking Dead games, etc.), it still looks good to me. Even if the son might be an annoying little piece of work.

You snagged me again, God of War. Assuming the reviews don’t trash it, I’ll be picking this up when it releases in April. Anyone else with me?

Video and Images Courtesy of Sony Interactive Entertainment


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