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My Immortal Author Identifies Herself and Announces New Book

What is the Bermuda Triangle? Where did Atlantis go? Who is so vain that Carly Simon wrote a song about them?  Ancient mystery still unsolved. But one of the great mysteries of the world HAS been solved today. As reported by Buzzfeed, the author of the (in)famous Harry Potter fan fiction epic “My Immortal” has revealed herself to the world. Not only that, but she has announced that she is releasing a book all about how that piece of internet history came to be.

“My Immortal” began life on as a serialized story released between 2006 and 2007. Written by “Tara Gilesbie” under the username “XXXbloodyrists666XXX,” the story follows the adventures of Ebony Dark’ness Dementia Raven Way, a “goff” attending Hogwarts as a member of Slytherin House. Throughout the story, she makes out with Draco, seduces Tom Riddle, and attends a My Chemical Romance concert in Hogsmeade.

Famous for its strange spelling, purple prose, and “unique” take on the Harry Potter universe, the fanfic became known, according to some, as the worst fanfiction ever written. Since its release, “My Immortal” has inspired countless derivative works, dramatic readings, and Youtube animations. But in the ten years since its release, the identity of the author has been a mystery. Until now.

Following a press release from publisher Wednesday Books and some hard-boiled investigation by a Tumblr user named pipistrella, the author of “My Immortal” was revealed to be Rose Christo, the 27-year-old author of the Gives Light series. Her next book will not be a part of that series. Instead, it will be a memoir detailing her experiences in the foster system that led to the creation of “My Immortal.”

The book, titled Under the Same Stars, will detail how she used the fanfiction community as a way to find her little brother, from whom she had been separated from by the foster system. Written with the aid of a beloved foster sister on a school computer, “My Immortal” was a bait to gain the attention of the world at large. Christo, who descends from the Cree and Lenape tribes, also intends for the book to shed light on the difficulties children, particularly Native American children, face in the foster system.

Under the Same Stars will be published by Wednesday Books and is set for release on May 29, 2018.

Image courtesy of Wednesday Books


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