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Popular Board Game Channel Will Partner With Deep Water Games On Special Edition of MonsDRAWsity

Shut Up & Sit Down is collaborating with Deep Water Games on their very own edition of the smash-hit party game MonsDRAWsity. MonsDRAWsity: Unusual Suspects comes to Kickstarter in October, 2021 featuring more than 100 new cards by team SU&SD and friends.

MonsDRAWsity box render

“Do you like drawing? Do you like talking? Do you like Shut Up & Sit Down? If you answered ‘maybe’ to literally any of the above, then let me sweep you into the realm of our most fabulous edition of Eric Slauson’s Monsdrawsity; dreamed up by the team at Shut Up & Sit Down, and backed up by the work of dozens of talented artist,” says Tom Brewster of Shut Up & Sit Down.

In MonsDRAWsity: Unusual Suspects players take turns describing unfathomable creatures that only they have seen to the other players, who must then attempt to create composite sketches of those same monsters! The best sketch will lead to the capture of each creature, and win the round.

MonsDRAWsity made waves in the world of party games when it launched last year, earning a recommendation for the American Tabletop Awards in the Best Casual Game category.

“Back in the murky depths of 2020, MonsDRAWsity proved a perfect family-weight treat for the Brewster clan to huddle around – a teach that could fit on a post-it note, a concept that’s ridiculous as it is engaging… What a joy! We couldn’t not make a new edition!” says Brewster.

In MonsDRAWsity: Unusual Suspects, the cards have all been designed based on descriptions from the Shut Up & Sit Down crew, and many of the drawings were even painted by Tom, Pip, and Matt’s brother themselves. Other fantastic artists also collaborated with SU&SD by drawing from prompts such as Tom’s: “Oh there’s just so many mouths” and “A head on a stick that looks to God and asks ‘why?’”

“Shut Up & Sit Down are a stalwart example of how joyful and inviting the board gaming community can be, and they’ve remained as such for a decade. The work that they do in all corners of the industry is unmatched. I couldn’t be more excited to see what they bring to MonsDRAWsity,” says Deep Water Games President Jacob Way.

With pen in hand and eyes at the ready, delve into the world of the Shut Up & Sit Down’s MonsDRAWsity edition! Look for MonDRAWsity: Unusual Suspects on Kickstarter this October, and go to to get notified on launch.

Images via Deep Water Games

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