Thursday, September 28, 2023

Modiphius Announces New Sourcebooks For ‘Infinity’ TTRPG

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Modiphius Entertainment has released two new sourcebooks for Infinity, he sci-fi space-opera RPG based on the tabletop skirmish universe from Corvus Belli. Infinity: Ships of the Human Sphere [US] [UK] and Infinity: Hypercorps [US] [UK] are available for purchase at the Modiphius webstore and will be in retail stores later this month. Ships of the Human Sphere offers players a plethora of space-faring vessels to navigate the stars, while Hypercorps presents ambitious corporate players and their megacorps as allies or adversaries.

Infinity: Ships of the Human Sphere

Ships of the Human Sphere is a complete catalog of all space-faring vessels in the Human Sphere — human or otherwise — from humble dinghies and tugboats to planet-killing dreadnoughts and space stations! The print and PDF versions of the Ships of the Human Sphere Sourcebook are available now on the Modiphius webstore and will arrive in retail on October 14, 2022. 

The Ships of the Human Sphere Sourcebook Features:

  • A showcase of the most powerful warships in the universe, including the majestic flagships of the G5 Nations and the Combined Armada’s darkest secrets.
  • A comprehensive guide to gear, upgrades, and customization options for your spaceships and your faithful crew!
  • Rules on how to engage your enemy amid the void, making sure you blow them to bits, be it on a one-to-one campaign or a full-fledged stellar fleet battle!

Infinity: Hypercorps Sourcebook

Become the corporate overlord you were meant to be with the Infinity: Hypercorps Sourcebook. The hypercorps’ influence permeates every aspect of humanity’s existence. The print and PDF versions of the Hypercorps Sourcebook are available now on the Modiphius webstore and will arrive in retail on October 14, 2022. 

The Hypercorps Sourcebook includes:

  • The detailed story of the hypercorps and the Human Sphere
  • The most renowned and powerful hypercorps in the galaxy, their areas of influence, ambitions, and hostile take-over tactics!
  • Corporate adversaries. From the lowest errand boy to the haughtiest Executive Officer, they are all willing to live by their company’s code of values and attain the coveted Loganto status!
  • Ideas on how to run a campaign with the real villains and heroes of the Human Sphere — the hypercorp — at its center.
  • Rules on how to create and run your own hypercorp, megacorp, or even humble corporation!

Images via Modiphius Entertainment

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