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“Mecha-Tastic” RPG Wolfstride Comes To Nintendo Switch This May

Developer Ota Imon and Publisher Raw Fury are thrilled to announce that mecha-tastic role-playing game Wolfstride will be coming to Nintendo Switch on May 10th for North America and Europe. It will release in Japan May 12th.

Wolfstride is a story-driven, humor-laced RPG, where you will test your mettle in an action-packed mecha tournament. As a trio of cheeky criminals featuring dog-mechanic Duque, pilot Knife Leopard, and master of many talents Dominic Shade, you will battle your robot-rig that needs a lot of love.  
Repair and upgrade by doing odd jobs to pay the bills, and battle the best of the best all while running from the regrettable choices of the past.

You can wishlist Wolfstride on the eShop right now in North America and it will be available to pre-order in Europe and Japan soon Images Via Raw Fury Games

Images Via Raw Fury Games

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