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The Librarians 2.8 …And the Point of Salvation Review

The Clipping Book sends The Librarians to a high-tech research facility, where one of the researchers minimizes his video game before showing Army brass how their quantum computer works. Unfortunately, the researchers have been turned into mindless monsters by Atlantean magic in the center’s lab after a core meltdown. When our team disconnects the artifact, however, they find themselves stuck in a time loop.

More importantly, it’s finally an episode all about Ezekiel’s character growth! Just in time for next week’s episode when Flynn returns as the Librarians and Eve have been given their happy endings by Prospero. Without each other.

Back to this week. Jenkins summons a fae for three true answers and after those are given the fae will be released. The fae disappears to figure out what Prospero is up to while the others look at the clipping book. Apparently DARPA has found Atlantean rock which is causing the monster struggles.

The reaction at the lab is turning the workers into “rage-people” (Ezekiel’s term) through a brain malfunction. Before they can figure out more, they get attacked by more lab people and try to get back to the Annex but turn up back in the empty room. The door is broken and Ezekiel realizes right away that they’re stuck in the time loop! Uh oh.

Then the time loop happens twice more and Ezekiel continues to be the only one to remember. It’s kind of like a save point, which means Ezekiel can just try to open the door by cutting the wires one by one, except none of them work.

Which means that they just have to keep trying until Cassandra (always so helpful) figures out that the lights on the panel to the lock are slightly off the usual you’d find anywhere. The lights correspond to a musical note and after Cassandra redoes them, they’re able to get through!

Definitely a good thing because there’s only so many times they, and the audience, can go through the time-loop before becoming extremely annoying.

What’s worse is that, even though they are able to get through, if one or more of them dies it starts the time-loop over again. Ezekiel begins to lose his cool because each time they keep dying after getting marginally closer to leaving the quantum field causing the time loop.

After about the sixtieth time and still they can’t escape Ezekiel tells Cassandra not to leave because he can’t watch her die anymore.


Except it’s not a time loop. It’s a video game! The same one that the researcher had been playing at the start of the episode. When Ezekiel loses his calm (understandably so) and hits items in the room, they change.

The room they keep coming back to is actually a save point (title joke) but, of course, the others don’t believe him, so he shoots Jake to show him that the first aid kit will heal him. Once it does, Jake totally geeks out and we finally get an explanation that isn’t the same one sixty times. The quantum computer fritzing overlaid the video game over their reality.

It’s an escort mission. The player has to take computer controlled characters to point A to Point B. Best episode ever.

Ezekiel locks the others behind a door so that he can run through the rest of the game and then come back for them since he can’t “watch [them] die anymore.”

So much character development happening this season with everyone! But especially Ezekiel.

He started out as the guy who was extremely self-centered, and though he obviously helped the others when he needed to, it was more for himself as opposed to saving the others, the people in the episode, or the world in general.

But here, Ezekiel works through the lab, taking each one of the others as necessary to learn how to stop certain barriers and keeps sacrificing himself, countless times. The last time he takes Eve through, she tells him a story about the second wave of allied soldiers during WWII being the bravest that the colonels had ever seen because they knew what was coming to them. Though she’s told the story multiple times, Ezekiel lets her tell it again and again because he likes how she looks at him when she tells it.

I’m going to cry everywhere. Finally, he realizes that to get through a level, he needs to get out of the level so, instead of finding the rage-people where he keeps losing, he tries to get up to the roof to see what is around the building.

Ezekiel does get up to the roof, but then the game starts glitching. The others don’t believe him because they think he’s him, the annoying little brother, and he isn’t their friend, but they’ve been his friends. (More tears.)

He tells each one of them something they’d told him during the game individually and that he needs to be the big brother, so they work together to get to the checkpoint.

At the checkpoint, they ROCKET JUMP to the door and it’s the greatest thing ever.

Ezekiel saved them! But the game crashes when he tries to jump over and he’s gone. Fortunately, they are able to restart the first part of the game and bring him back. Which also means Ezekiel doesn’t remember and doesn’t believe them when they fill him in. Struggles. At least they trust him now.

For our final scene, the fae returns and tells Jenkins that Prospero must remove the Librarians to get what he wants and does so in the last moments, giving everyone their happy endings.

Happy endings that include Eve and Moriarty being together. Seems to be more like Moriarty’s happy ending, but we’ll get to that next week and the final fight with Prospero the week after!

Grade: 5/5 except for the writers not having Ezekiel remember.

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