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The Librarians: 2.5 …And the Hollow Men Review

This week on The Librarians: Flynn must work with his kidnapper, amnesiac stranger Ray (who has many of the Library’s 74 missing artifacts), and everyone else to find the Staff of Zarathustra before Prospero can get to it.

This is a good thing because, after tonight, we’ll have finished half the season. It has gone by so quickly! To be fair, I’ve enjoyed the asides into Jake and Cassandra’s characters. Though I am annoyed that we’ve yet to get any real backstory on Ezekiel.

We do get a great Leverage-esque, Hardison moment of Ezekiel stating, “Thanks, Ezekiel.” Since Jake and Eve very rarely thank him for doing his work.

Still, Prospero has yet to be solidified as a bad guy beyond wanting to create his own story, as someone the audience should care about, or even how his regaining power will truly affect The Librarians and its world.

Especially considering all the little tidbits every episode regarding the Library freaking the heck out— made even worse this week when the fancy chandelier falls to the ground almost killing Cassandra and Jenkins. Worse, the Library’s back door function is struggling too. Without the Library, the team will never actually get to stop Prospero.

With Flynn’s return, we get more of the romance angle between him and Eve including a full discussion about how Flynn needs to remember that he, Eve, and their three children Librarians, and Grandpa Jenkins make up a team.

I really appreciate that Eve refuses to take Flynn’s lone-wolf bull and keeps him on his toes. Especially because the season is so short, the writers have to be very specific on what is included and what is left out regarding each character.

This means they don’t spend too much time waffling back and forth on the Flynn/Eve relationship, and instead every line and moment between the two is plotted to advance their relationship (and the plot).

Eve likes Flynn, and they’ll probably stay together, but Flynn has to get his shit together first.

Of course, his actually realizing that has to wait since he’s kidnapped by Ray who needs help in remembering that he’s the physical manifestation of the Library which is dying. By eating itself.

Apparently coming back from the void was so damn traumatic, the Library is responding to the trauma by breaking everything. If Ray/the Library doesn’t recover ASAP, there will not be a Library.


We also finally get some movement on Prospero and his Fictionals (Moriarty/Frankenstein’s monster who, in the premiere, were pulled from their books) when Moriarty showed up and asked (nicely) for all the magical items left behind by Ray. Unfortunately, Eve gets left behind because the back-door completely stops functioning after the others get through.

Second UH OH.

Moriarty is totally going to switch sides last minute and work with Eve and the others, I bet. He flirts with her all the time and after all, his self-interest is breaking the spell Prospero has on him. (Too bad it’s not Natalie Dormer as lady-Moriarty. Much more attractive.)

In the car on the way to Flynn and Ray, Prospero even insinuates that Flynn and Eve can’t be together because she and Moriarty are builders, where Flynn is a runner, not in for the long haul.


Meanwhile, Ray and Flynn finally make it to the temple where the Staff is and make their way through the first arrow trap. Snaps to the prop team for making all those arrows not shoot Flynn or Ray.

When Ray touches the staff, blue lightning appears and his memory starts returning, but it’s too much and he starts to overload. (Nice job, special effects people.)

Back at the Annex, if the Librarians don’t leave before the ghost lights go out, they’ll be eaten by the Library too!

In a twist of hilarity (frustration on my part), Moriarty gets to take the staff because he’s immortal and won’t die from all the energy.

Ray lives! And remembers Flynn (his best friend, tears everywhere) and the Library lives, and Moriarty gets to have the staff. Damn.

But the Library lives! So at least the Librarians, Flynn, Eve, and Jenkins can fight Prospero another day (next week).

Too bad Flynn still doesn’t know how to stick around, once again leaving to go after Prospero. Now I assume part of that is because the actor doesn’t want to be part of each episode, but there’s got to be a way to include Flynn at least off-screen. At least so that Eve gets her happy ending?

Nonetheless, this week’s episode puts us directly at the halfway mark and nearing to some sort of final showdown with Prospero, even if the next two weeks ostensibly have nothing to do with him.

Just the devil and Dorian Gray!

Grade: 4/5

Image courtesy of TNT


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