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The Librarians: 2.4 …And the Cost of Education Review

Last season we got a high school episode, and this season we have students disappearing from Wexler College, an institution started by a mad historian/architect/occultist who believed in alternate dimensions.

By disappearing; one in five students are missing, like every other college. Wexler was a lot of fun. He combined body parts of various animals that shouldn’t belong together, created mass chaos, and finally literally exploded.

Jenkins’ sound-effect filled portrayal of this is superb and honestly makes the cold open with a kraken kidnapping the school mascot worth it, because the CGI is not at its best.

When the Librarians and Eve (!) arrive, they discover a young physics student, Lucy investigating the disappearances on her own, which means more than just the Librarians are involved with and aware of knowledge. Uh oh? At least Lucy is trying to learn about magic for good reasons unlike last season’s baddies.

More importantly, she and Cassandra bond over their love for science and physics, which also highlights Cassandra’s sadness about not being able to go to school because of her tumor. Last week was Stone’s show, and this week is all about Cass.

We learn that the architecture embodies magic, even if the best professor at Wexler doesn’t believe so, until of course he gets kidnapped by the tentacle monster. At least his tentacle-napping allows for Jake to “guest” teach the students.

There’s also Omega Theta, the fraternity everyone wants to be involved with. This is where the first student, we see was tentacle-napped.

They require a written invitation for parties (that are happening during the day) and the students have been passing all the required rumors around about animal sacrifices and various rituals of who knows what in the OT basement that has weird walls made from some weird black stone from the Pacific Ocean like other buildings, creating a summoning circle!

Double uh oh.

So the team tries to figure out how to stop circle and realize there’s another issue, because Lucy’s model particle accelerator was using mathematical formulas that were imbued with magic, actually turning the summoning circle on.


Though Lucy’s introduction does highlight a big issue that the Librarians have been toeing around. What the heck is the Library’s job, and their job? Last season was about stopping Dulaque and his minions from reintroducing magic into the world. And they failed.

Now that non-Librarians are finding magic and doing so in ways that don’t include magic use manuals, should the Library continue to lock up magic and keep it away from the public? Jenkins votes yes.

Or should the Library become a place where non-Librarians can come to ask questions and being to utilize magic in proper, but powerful ways that could lead to a greater good? Cassandra is definitely a proponent.

Eve, as always straddles the two viewpoints, and my bet is by season’s end, it’ll end up becoming the latter. Magic is in the world now, and there’s no controlling it. Just controlling how it’s understood and utilized.

Fortunately, Eve also has final say in a lot of things and decides that everyone will work with Lucy to figure out her particle accelerator issues and stop the summoning circle.

Had there been any other decision made, I would have really doubted the character growth.

While the ladies figure out science, Jenkins realizes that Professor Bancroft thought he was better than Jake, and the mascot was super prideful. The monster is a hybristic! It goes after people who are full of hubris. Like Lucy whose show of ego has her tentacle-napped as well. This causes a rift between the team.

Well for about a minute, because Jenkins suggests closing the rift for good. The open rift would lead to the tentacle monster eating all the students at the pep rally due to their hubris about beating Michigan in football.

Yet, that would mean Lucy would bead. Cassandra on the other hand, imparts the lesson of the week. That is, doing what’s best is different from doing what’s right, and she’s going to do what’s right.

Which includes using Ezekiel as bait (LOL) to distract the monster so that Cassandra can go to the other dimension and find Lucy

Of course, she does but before she can get back to the real world, she’s stopped by BETH RIESGRAF FROM LEVERAGE and asked if she wants to join the Ladies of the Lake and study magic.

It was some really weird green screen and CGI, but totally worth it for the character plot, because Cassandra (obviously) said no and the tentacle monster is finally stopped!

But now we have people who know about magic, Ladies of the Lake focusing on Cassandra, and again; the discussion of what the Library has to do now. Which by the way is still freaking out, mixing up all the reference books, and letting three foot long spiders run around. Fortunately we don’t see them, but eugh.

Most importantly, Cassandra is finally choosing her own life, instead of running after others’ choices. And an episode that was ostensibly about hubris and tentacles, and a season about Prospero being a bad guy, is really about how our decisions impact the world, and the Librarians growing up!

Single tear for these ridiculous humans.

Grade: 4/5

Image courtesy of TNT


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