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The Librarians: 1.10 “And the Loom of Fate” Season Finale Review

In media res opening!

Eve bleeding on the ground!

Switch to Eve and Jake fighting mummies in a crypt!

Flynn found a way to bring the Library back by opening the portal door into the void which is the space between dimensions!

Except—not really because Flynn was tricked by Dulaque who walks in with Lamia.

The others get gassed, and Dulaque stabs Lamia because he needs blood to get the portal door to open to the Loom of Fate— Seriously, Show, you’re gonna kill off the one WOC that you have? Really?—and Eve and Flynn jump through the door to follow Dulaque to <href=”#Greece”>Loom of Fate—which is the basis of all fabric-fate-related myths.

Dulaque cuts the thread when “Camelot” fell because if history ends there, so will he. And, there’ll be magic again.

Because Dulaque is Lancelot Du Lac. Get it? Du Lac, Dulaque?

Okay, Dulaque, if you hadn’t had an affair with Guinevere resulting in <href=”#Later_years_and_death”>a lot of death and Mordred’s betrayal of King Arthur, then you wouldn’t have had to do all this.

Ugh, no wonder Jenkins-Galahad is mad at you.

You’re his dad and want to write him out of existence!

Dulaque disappears while Eve and Flynn get winked into a parallel timeline where the sole Librarian is Jake, and Flynn is only a Professor; Jake and Eve were together, but then he watched her die after she stopped Dulaque from stealing the Library. Eve is not okay with this timeline at all.

Worse is that, magic has gone absolutely wild and technology is failing.


This is why you don’t mess with time. Nothing you think will happen actually happens, and it’s just chaos.

Jake activates some magical stones to teleport Eve and Flynn (hopefully) back to their timeline, but Prof. Flynn and Eve end up in a parallel timeline where Ezekiel is the Librarian, and Eve had been like his second mother and Guardian until she died when she stopped Dulaque from stealing the Library.

See the pattern here?

Who knew Eve was the key to getting the Library back? I bet when she had to be Santa for a night, part of that magic is still in her. I love that all these threads (haha) from previous episodes are finally being linked. Before she can wink into the Cassandra as Librarian timeline, they help Ezekiel and his team who may or may not be Librarians in Training but seem to mostly just be scientists stop all of the ghosts who were set free by the House of Wishes by electrocuting them out of the humans. MagiScience!

Eve points out that this Flynn fills Ezekiel’s blind spot about history, which highlights that, while this episode is about them saving the world and stopping Lancelot
“I’m bad at dealing with consequences of my actions.” Dulaque, it’s mostly about how all the Librarians need each other and that “Your Guardian will die for you.”

They’re stronger when they’re together.

Then Flynn and Eve wink into a world where the dragons are roaming free and are taken by Lamia and Co. before her “liege” who Cassandra the Librarian as Witch.

Lamia took over as Cassandra’s Guardian when Eve died, and there’s an insinuation made that Eve was with Cassandra romantically in this timeline—similar to the Jake timeline.

And, to Flynn in their original timeline.

Like, it’s the barest of insinuations which really sucks because either TNT made the writers tone what they had down or John Rodgers was exaggerating about an LGTBQIA+ character. I will choose to believe that Cassandra in every timeline is not straight—especially considering her appreciative reaction to all the drink offers when she was Prince Charming.

(This also seems to confirm my theory that if Dulaque had continued on with the Library then Lamia would have served as his Guardian.)

Since Dulaque didn’t take the time to reweave history, the Loom is just spitting out various outcomes, so if someone were to re-warp the Loom, then history should reset to/reweave Eve’s timeline.

Cassandra, because she’s bamf, uses her extensive magic skills to transport herself, Eve, Flynn, and both Ezekiel and Jake (by using the latter two as a honing device) to Eve’s timeline so that she and Flynn can fix the Loom.

Young Lancelot (Jerry O’Connell) shows up with a sword to stop Flynn who is re-warping the Loom/reweaving history.

I’m still not over the fact that all of this is because Dulaque wanted to go back to when magic controlled the world. Get over yourself, dude.

Oh, and he stabs Eve.

Fortunately, Jenkins-Galahad successfully stops Lancelot-Dulaque so that Flynn can finish, and after Lancelot-Dulaque disappears (to where?), they get Eve back to the Annex. Flynn uses her blood (most potent of elements to use in magic) to open the passage to the actual Library where he finds the vial of magic he had used in the pilot to save her.

No permanent death for a second woman, yay!


As everything comes to end, Jenkins makes individual versions of the News Clipping Book, which has been directing the Librarians for the duration of the season, for Ezekiel, Jake, and Cassandra to go out on their own. They can team up if they want, but it’s time for them to fly from the nest and “graduate”, and at first, it seems like Cassandra will be the only one to immediately start working, but as she walks away, Jake and Ezekiel end up going with her.

They’re changing what it means to be Librarians by embracing that they’re stronger together, which seems to have been something that The Library wanted them to learn if the parallel dimensions were any indicaiton.

But where’s their Guardian?!

Eve goes to thank Jenkins for saving her life and realizes that, while the News Clipping Book sent them to the magic artifacts, Jenkins was the one to send them to help Santa. So how did Jenkins know that Eve was going to need that magic infusion?

Or did he just know that his dad was just that good at planning ahead? Or did the Library just tell him “Yo, the next Guardian is a beast—keep her safe.”—except probably in different words.

Flynn asks Eve on a date, and she says yes, and they walk out the door and—scene.

Besides Lamia being killed for the advancement of the plot, this episode offers the perfect mix of “Oh no, something terrible could happen.” and the good guys kicking butt for a season finale, and if the show doesn’t get renewed, it also works as a series finale as there are plenty of questions left for the viewers as well as enough closure to see us through.

If-then episodes are also just a lot of fun because they’re like alternate universe fanfiction but acted out by the actual cast and, as a whole, usually highlight why characters are great just the way they are.

Viewers also finally got some payoff with the relationship between Jenkins and Dulaque. Same for Flynn and Eve whose romantic partnership I think actually works pretty well after three episodes of development. Ezekiel, Cassandra, and Jake may not be friends, but they are definitely capable of working together after all these months, and them leaving together situates them as a potential OT3 in much the same way as Parker, Hardison, and Elliot in Leverage did.

I still have a lot of questions, but for forty five minutes, the finale was pretty satisfying.

Grade: A+ for parallel timelines and twisty fate, but F for killing the WOC!

Image courtesy of TNT


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