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Let’s Speculate Wildly About EW’s Infinity War Covers

With Avengers: Infinity War set to significantly further Disney’s plot to rule the world when it releases on April 27, Entertainment Weekly is cooperating with their new bipedal mouse overlord by featuring fifteen separate covers showcasing twenty-two heroes and the big bad Thanos himself. Is it any surprise the covers are cool? Of course not. Be warned, though; there are some minor spoilers here for those who haven’t caught up with the entire MCU. At the very least watch Thor: Ragnarok first.

Of course, there’s also the issue of who was placed together on these issues (or not). Are they probably just random or completely innocent choices having nothing to do with the movie? Yeah. I can admit that. We wouldn’t be The Fandomentals if we didn’t seize on the opportunity for speculation, though, and oh boy can I speculate on these covers. So let’s get to it.

Doctor Too Strange for Companionship

Most of the solo choices for these covers make sense. They are the big stars who deserve the solo attention because they bring in the big money. Let them stand alone and sell. And then there’s Benedict Cumberbatch’s Doctor Strange.

To be fair, Doctor Strange did sell really well. Not Black Panther well, but it was a sizable hit. It can’t be that simple, though. Even Thor had to share a cover. So why not Stephen Strange? Perhaps he will play a significant solo role in the movie? After all, he’s rather powerful, and he did wield an artifact containing an Infinity Stone that Thanos will want. It’s not exactly a stretch to think he’ll matter significantly.

Or maybe he’s alone because no one likes him? Remember what I said about watching Thor: Ragnarok? Go watch Ragnarok and see how this jerk treats Thor. Maybe Thor organized an Avengers initiative to isolate Strange. I would.

Shuri Techsplaining Vision

If Black Panther did anything well (okay, it did tons of things well), it made clear that Shuri knows her shit. Everyone we thought was a genius looks like a kid learning long division for the first time compared to her. I know one of the first requests to hit the internet after Black Panther was Shuri putting Tony Stark in his place. But why not go further? What if she shares a cover with Vision because she’s going to put the entire MCU world in its place regarding tech advancement?

After all, what is Vision but one of Tony Stark’s creations? What could he possibly know compared to Wakanda’s wunderkind tech genius? And why stop there? What if Shuri shames Thanos into leaving Earth because of his ignorance? What if she memes him back to Titan, where he spends his days brooding and crying at his technological insignificance?

Be honest, you all want this to happen. After the Avengers beat Thanos in a fight, Shuri needs to be there to laugh him away.

Okoye Laughing at Peter Quill’s “Guns”

We all saw Okoye’s disdain for primitive lead throwers during the South Korea fight in Black Panther. Why should it only exist for Earth guns? We all know Peter Quill will show up to help fight Thanos and think his petty little energy pea shooters will help, until Okoye smacks them out of his hands. Put those away and let the civilized heroes handle things.

In all seriousness, we know Wakanda will play a role in Infinity War. How will they handle seeing their technological advantage suddenly eliminated against the army of Thanos? Just what will they be willing to give up in order to help Earth defeat him? Wakandan tensions over whether to open up to the world or not won’t just fade away without issue. Here’s hoping those tensions play some role in Infinity War and an even bigger role in the inevitable sequel to Black Panther.

And if Okoye doesn’t glare down at least one alien in this movie while fighting alongside Gamora, we riot.

Cap’s Mass Effect Gauntlets

I know it’s hard but look away from the sexy beard for a second. Those are Commander Shepard’s space gauntlets. What do you mean I’m wrong? It couldn’t be more obvious. Really, though, this plays into the previous point about Wakandan tech entering the larger world. Captain America is getting a new Wakandan shield that probably retracts into those gauntlets, but Wakanda will never be able to retract back into their previous anonymity.

Of course, the larger question exists about just what will happen to Cap in Infinity War. Speculation has pegged him for years as a potential victim of the fight against Thanos, and Chris Evans’s contract runs out after Avengers 4. He seems safe for this movie, at least, but what if he’s not? What if this is the swansong for this version of Captain America? If not him, who may bite the bullet to make clear to all of us how much more a threat Thanos is than Loki or Ultron were?

Whatever the case, Infinity War is set to bust all the banks when it releases, and I can’t wait to see all these heroes on-screen together. This is a dream come true, and the culmination of one of the most ambitious projects in film history, if not the most ambitious. Infinity War is a movie ten years in the making and reliant on the success (or at least avoidance of complete embarrassment) of eighteen movies. I can’t wait to see it opening weekend.

Assuming every showing isn’t sold out, that is.

Images Courtesy of Marvel Studios


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