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Leder’s Latest ‘Arcs’ Launches At Lightspeed

 Leder Games and Patrick Leder (owner) are excited to announce their upcoming game, Arcs, with game design by Cole Wehrle (Oath, Root, Pax Pamir) and art by Kyle Ferrin (Root, Vast: The Mysterious Manor, Fort). The Kickstarter campaign for Arcs launched today.

Arcs box art

About the Game 

Arcs is a fast-paced science fiction game set in a decaying galaxy. Three to four players will face impossible odds and must make careful strategic choices and daring gambits to lead their people to victory. 

Players begin the game in roughly symmetrical positions, which helps new players learn the core systems quickly. However, their choices will soon cause their paths to diverge. Players must balance their desire to control the game’s tempo against their other interests. Should you follow suit to take advantage of an opponent’s action or pursue your own objectives? 

In addition, players can expand their game with an innovative micro-campaign system where each session is an episode in an epic trilogy. Every choice will advance the game’s story and form part of an emergent, player-driven campaign. After funding on Kickstarter, Leder Games plans to release Arcs directly online and in retail stores in Q3 2023.

Images via Leder Games

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