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Last Jedi Teaser Trailer Drops like Luke’s Truth Bomb

With 8 months to go before the highly anticipated release of Star Wars Episode VIII: The Last Jedi, Disney finally gives us something big to chew on…the official teaser trailer. No sense in dragging it out, you can watch it right here:

Disney also released the poster, which is a bit spartan compared to the usual designs.

Alright, look, it’s not a secret that the Star Wars fandom is a good deal overzealous. I mean, we’ve been debating plural noun translations for the past how many months now? So I’m quite certain that within 24 hours, there will be countless articles, podcasts, youtube videos, reddit threads, and forum debates that break down every single frame of this trailer and properly contextualize them with the 43 possible theories each one will yield. We’re going to have a lot of fun here, and with two-thirds of a year left until we see it, why the heck not?

But let’s just quickly talk overall impressions.

Okay, the poster. I absolutely adore its simplicity, and the fact that it’s unique. I am not one of those people who will criticize The Force Awakens into the ground for its “lazy, rehashed storytelling.” Yet at the same time, that soft-reboot approach is a thing Disney can get away with a grand total of once. My biggest fear for The Last Jedi was that it was going to be too similar to Empire Strikes Back, and just the optics alone are already signaling to us that this will be going in its own direction.

Based on this poster and the trailer, it’s also going to be focused on the objectively best part of The Force Awakens (100% the case, no argument allowed): the Skywalker Family Drama. How Rey fits in is uncertain, though it’s clear she’s going to be playing a major role in Luke’s legacy—something he’s actively struggling with. The man’s guilt, which will only be compounded by his best friend’s death, has left him with the conclusion that the time of the Jedi has ended (Elrond vibes!), just as Rey’s training is beginning. As a result, the poster only containing our three Jedi-ish characters makes perfect sense, and it’s quite exciting to think that the mythos of the force will be getting so much attention.

Also, can we talk about how amazing it was when Rey Jean Grey’d a little bit with those rocks?

I personally would have liked to see Finn in action rather than still on the DL, but I have confidence it won’t be how he spends the entire movie. As for the battles, the burning building, and Poe running down a hallway… I mean, what’s to say? This is promising to be an enjoyable space adventure backdrop to what will hopefully be an incredibly deep (and dare I say dark) movie about duty, legacy, redemption, and balance.

What do you think? Did I miss anything crazy obvious, like the frame where it’s revealed that Phasma is secretly Revan or something?

Images courtesy of Star Wars


  • Kylie is a Managing Editor at The Fandomentals on a mission to slay all the tropes. She has a penchant for complex familial dynamics and is easily pleased when authors include in-depth business details.


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